Top Games to Keep You Occupied Right Now

Chances are you’re looking for something to keep yourself occupied. Unless you’re a key worker, chances are you’re cooped up in your house right now to slow the spread of coronavirus and are looking for simple ways to relieve your boredom without heading outdoors and breaking lockdown guidelines.

Now, there are plenty of things you can do while at home. You can deep clean. You can do some decorating. You can learn a language. You can learn to bake. Lots of practical and productive things. But sometimes, you just want to let your hair down. We’re living in a pretty stressful time and sometimes just doing something because you enjoy doing it can be the way to go. So, why not spend a little time gaming? Here are a few options that you might want to try out!

Simple Games

If you don’t want to spend hours playing and simply want to spend a little time playing a simple game that will distract you and lighten your mood for a little while, there are plenty of simple, straightforward online games out there. From the goose game to car games, there’s something that’s going to be free or cheap to play and that will entertain anyone. You may even find some fun in something as simple as the Google dinosaur game that appears when you lose connectivity in your browser!

More and more classic games are being brought to the PC

Final Fantasy

Do you like RPG series? Well, the world’s biggest might be a good place to start. Final Fantasy is the world’s most popular RPG (or “role play game”) for good reason. It’s a name that has become well known around the world as a result of its profound success and longevity. Dating back to 1987, it’s stood the test of time and is a genuinely fun play. The original game stuck to the parameters of a standard RPG, mainly because there was little competition so this was sufficient to make it a market leader.

But with the release of SEGA’s Phantasy Star and Dragon Quest III, it became apparent that the brand would have to start working harder to stand out. The game received more depth, as it became more realistic. Leveling up became more difficult and it became necessary for characters to take hits and failure in order to increase their experience, as someone would in real life. The latest version of the game is Final Fantasy XV and this is a good place to start. It is also accessible on smartphones, so is a good option for those who don’t have any other devices. As a new player, you will be offered exclusive in-game items. You just need to register for an app download link and you can gain access to crystal bracers, Chocobo helmets, Masamune swords, Cactuar greaves and Mythril armor alongside much more.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is extremely popular right now. This social simulation game may seem odd from the outside. You basically live a really calm and peaceful life within the game – picking vegetables, catching butterflies, going fishing. But perhaps this is why people are enjoying it so much in the current, stressful world scenario. It provides an alternative universe where things are calm and easily controlled. What’s more? You can meet up with your real-life friends’ characters within the game. You can chat and feel that you’re spending time together, adding a social element that can reduce the feelings of loneliness that are so common right now. If you’re looking for a therapeutic play, this could be the perfect game for you to get into. You will, however, need to invest in a Nintendo Switch if you don’t already have one.

Cult Classics

More and more classic games are being brought to the PC, where you can play them without having to find some of the old-style devices. Mario, Pacman, Pokémon… the options are endless. Take a look at what’s out there and enjoy reveling in some nostalgia!

These are just a few different games that you might like to try out during the coronavirus lockdown. While many brand game-playing a waste of time, it’s actually the complete opposite. Not only does it occupy your mind and provide distraction during a period where staying home quite literally saves lives, but it can help to reintroduce some sort of social element into our lives. So, give a few a go and see how you find them. You could find that your lockdown experience becomes noticeably more enjoyable!


Written by: MKAU Gaming

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