Warframe’s ‘Call Of The Tempestarii’ To Storm Onto Xbox Series X|S & All Other Platforms Today

Debuting on Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox Series X|S and due on all other platforms today, Digital Extremes’ robust new Warframe® Call of the Tempestarii update puts players at the helm of a colossal new Railjack experience for the ultimate space fantasy. Available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, PS5™, PS4™, and Nintendo Switch™, console players gain access to Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack while all players will receive the ghostly, quest-driven Call of the Tempestarii for free.

“When we launch Call of the Tempestarii on all platforms today, we’ll reach a new defining moment for Warframe,” said COO Sheldon Carter. “Yes, we’ll take that very big second step into the next generation on Xbox Series X|S, but what’s really driving this new content is the new Railjack. Railjack is maturing, growing more robust and becoming the dynamic space adventure we originally imagined it would become.”

Heed The Call of the Tempestarii and Discover Sevagoth

Call of the Tempestarii steers players’ down an eerie path of unfulfilled prophecies and ghostly disturbances in an all new lore-based quest. Heeding a strange beacon call, Railjack AI Cephalon Cy charts a course through harrowing Void Storms and new Corpus boss battles to unveil a haunting story introducing the specter of death, Sevagoth. Completing this Quest sets the stage for even bigger battles later this year.

The powerful 46th Warframe blends heavy damage and team support characteristics into a magnificent reaper form. Sevagoth’s Abilities Reap, Sow, and Gloom contribute to a unique “death well” meter, building to launch Sevagoth’s second form, the fierce all-melee Shadow. Sevagoth’s spectral Shadow glides across the battlefield reaping souls, bearing extended, sharpened talons that slash and tear enemies asunder. Beware the Reaper!

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Build, Board and Battle

With this retrofitted Railjack update, console players get to experience Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack for the first time. Every aspect has been redesigned to embody the core Warframe experience. With our players’ feedback in mind to improve the Railjack experience, this update was renovated and simplified to produce less grind and less reliance on matchmaking, giving Tenno ample opportunities to more easily engage in epic spaceship battles, slingshot into enemy ships, and collect, fight and explore.

Railjack missions now combine Warframe’s fluid parkour combat with epic space battles. Ramped up core reward loops — such as hunting and collecting valuable Arcanes in Void Storms — unlock hard-to-get Warframes and Warframe Primes, such as Ash Prime! Re-worked, improved Command Intrinsics and Avionics Systems, and a hire-able NPC AI crew give battle-ready Tenno more control, more gametime, and less waiting around. NPC crews can be recruited, leveled up, and customized for improved single-player missions. Two new game modes “Volatile” and “Orphix”, plus ultra-powerful mech gameplay, round out a new robust, satisfying experience.

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Experience Next-Generation Warframe

By launching Call of the Tempestarii on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox players instantly get access to Warframe’s all new story, new Warframe, and new gameplay in impressive next-gen visual and audio fidelity. Warframe’s significantly improved loading times hurl Tenno seamlessly into the action complete with impressive 4K resolution and 60fps and offers cross-system play on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Our new rendering engine dials up dynamic real-time lighting and volumetric shadows for a true next-generation experience. And our recently implemented sound system provides greater sonic depth, a broader variety of spaces, and more audio detail.

Xbox Game Pass

Warframe’s next-generation arrival means that all players who own an Xbox Game Pass can access the generous Warframe®: Excalibur Jade Bundle. This bundle, which retails for $19.99 for players without an Xbox Game Pass, features an Excalibur Jade Skin, Excalibur Jade Noggle, Tonkor Jade Skin (includes Tonkor grenade launcher), Liset Jade Skin, Jade Daedalus Armor, Capala Jade Sigil, and a 7-Day Affinity Booster. Grab it now!

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Written by: MKAU Gaming


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