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Another Code: Recollection (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Let me take you on a journey with beautiful visuals and a fantastic story. Welcome to Another Code: Recollection. Developed by Arc System Works and published by Nintendo, let us embark on our adventure. (Nintendo Switch exclusive)

You begin this story as Ashley Mizuki Robins, a 13-year-old girl who is on a search for her father, who was proclaimed to be dead until Ashley receives a letter from him that he is alive in a secluded place called Blood Edward Island.

Starting the game, you are on a small boat surrounded by a vast ocean with nothing in view but an island that grows in size. On the boat is Jessica, your father’s sister, who raised you in his absence. On your arrival on the island, you and Jessica find a vast mansion. While searching, you learn some lore about your missing memories and what kind of person your father, Richard, was. You will have to search through the island, finding items and clues to help you find what you seek.

While you explore, you will find puzzles that will help show you the correct path. I, of course, can’t forget the friendly ghost you met named D, who has no memories of what happened. You slowly help D retrieve his lost memories, gradually painting a picture of what happened to the family who once lived here.

Controls are simple, taking advantage of the left and right joy-cons, with the left joy-con utilizing character movement and some extra features, and the right joy-con utilizing the camera angle, also including Y for inventory, and A for the use/interact button overall, relatively simple and easy to get your head around. However, sometimes, I did find controls to not respond on occasion.

Graphics blew me away as Another Code: Recollection is a remake of the 2005 Another Code: Two Memories, which improved vastly over the original. The addition of full 3D models with full-body motion, and whole-body shading, gives body parts accurate shapes.

The smooth details of clothes and hair blowing in the wind, Ashley’s hair colour, even right down to the blush on Ashley’s face gives a real sense of accuracy to the real thing. The landscape is incredible with the detail of a run-down mansion giving a real emphasis on the degradation of abandoned buildings.

I describe the music in Another Code: Recollection as peaceful and relaxing, bringing subtle undertones of a beautiful melody and keeping you calm. I found it quite pleasing, and it kept me relaxed. The sounds in the game are accurate and accommodating, with the voice acting feeling real, like you are there, not to mention the slight voice cracks of the young characters are remarkable and realistic. From stepping on old wooden floors with subtle creeks or running through the field to completing tasks and puzzles and getting a nice tone, letting you know you did well.

In conclusion, Another Code: Recollection is a massive step up from the previous sequel and remake of the original game, showing how far technology and graphics have come with unique visuals, fun and challenging puzzles, and a vast story that slowly unravels with collectibles and many intractable items throughout the game, a must-play game for fans.

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The Good

  • Fantastic 3D world
  • Great puzzles
  • Soothing music

The Bad

  • Control response

Written by: TypicalCambieAU


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