ASUS ROG Ally Gaming Handheld – Review

Usually, when I talk about gaming on the go, I’m talking about a gaming laptop. While they’re certainly more portable than a dedicated desktop PC, they’re still not the easiest thing to take out and play, particularly in cramped areas, like on a plane. While not a particularly long flight,


Lies Of P (Xbox Series X) – Review

It is time to put myself through the pain and suffering of tackling another souls-like game, and hopefully, I come out on top with as few broken controllers as possible. Developed by Neowiz, Lies of P is the latest action souls-like on the market, challenging veterans and new players with


Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle (Steam) – Review

“Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle” by Invader Studios, is a gripping third-person survival horror game, serving as a prequel to the acclaimed “Daymare: 1998.” This chilling installment takes players deep into the enigmatic depths of Area 51, offering a heart-pounding narrative-driven experience. With immersive horror, dynamic gameplay, and an engaging storyline, it’s


Apartament 1406: Horror (Steam) – Review

Developed by Ariem, Apartament 1406 is a short indie horror that challenges you in multiple ways as you try to survive in a hostile environment. Scavenge items, gather weapons, solve puzzles, and fight creatures that lurk in the dark. Play as Ethan Blake, an assistant to an experienced demon hunter,


Blue Beetle (Movie) – Review

The mantle of Blue Beetle is held by three characters, with the first being Dan Garret in Mystery Men Comics #1, published by Fox Feature Syndicate in 1939, then Ted Kord in Captain Atom #83, published by Charlton Comics in 1966, and finally, Jaime Reyes in Infinite Crisis #5, published

Pepper Grinder (Steam) – Preview

A hefty weapon and momentum-driven platforming are great ingredients to throw into a gaming experience. I had the wonderful opportunity to preview Pepper Grinder, an upcoming title by Ahr Ech, and published by the ever-on-trend Devolver Digital, and I want more as soon as humanly possible. The compact but packed


Firewall Ultra (PS VR2) – Review

‘Breach and clear, I’ve got your six.’ First Contact Entertainment Inc. is back bigger than ever, with their latest creation Firewall Ultra, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. I’m very excited to dig into the latest PS VR2 exclusive and tell you all about my gameplay experience over the last few


The Nun II (Movie) – Review

The Nun II is the direct sequel to 2018’s The Nun, a part of the Conjuring Universe of movies that also includes The Conjuring, Annabelle, The Curse of La Llarona, and more. The latest film is directed by Michael Chaves who also directed 2019’s The Curse of La Llarona and

EA SPORTS UFC 5 (Hands-Off) – Preview

EA Sports is back with its fifth installment into the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) series and MKAU was recently invited to an exclusive virtual preview event for the new game, and needless to say, UFC fans are in for an absolute treat. UFC 5 has been completely rebuilt to take


Starfield (Xbox Series X) – Review

As ‘Star Trek’ so eloquently put it, “Space. The final frontier…” The one place that is, pun intended, so alien to mankind. Space games have always been such an allure as it allows us to explore the unknown. Long-awaited, it’s finally here. From award-winning creators of epic titles such as


TOSS! (PS VR2) – Review

It brings me back to a simple time in life when all a kid had to worry about was being the king of the jungle gym, swinging across the monkey bars as fast as possible, leaving school at the end of the day, hands covered in blisters that you wore


Turbo Overkill (Steam) – Review

We seem to be having a resurgence of nostalgia this year, and this love for days gone by shows no signs of slowing down. Turbo Overkill, by Trigger Happy Interactive, has dramatically slid onto the scene with guns and chainsaw limbs at the ready. Published by Apogee Entertainment, this game


Graviators (Steam) – Review

Developed by Couch in the Woods Interactive, GRAVIATORS is a fast-paced team arena game set in space. Compete against or with friends and AI in these pinball-like arenas using space pods equipped with special gravity and shield abilities. Right off the bat, I will say GRAVIATORS is a lot better


Synthwave Racers (Steam) – Review

I love a good racing game. Nothing feels as good as racing around a track. Synthwave Racers, by Corrtex Games, twists this concept by adding a range of challenges specifically aimed at ruining your perfect run, adding some much-needed challenge into the genre. Synthwave Racers has no storyline as it


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