The DioField Chronicle – Review

The DioField Chronicle is a strategy role-playing game co-developed by Lancaster and Square Enix, and it’s available now on all platforms. The DioField Chronicle takes place across a war-torn continent as war rages between the Kingdom of Alletain and the Trovelt-Schoevian Empire. At the same time, the Rowetale Alliance suffers a

Gunbrella – Preview

Gunbrella. Is it a gun, or is it an umbrella? Well, it’s both, and the best of both. With the unstoppable power of a gun and the protection of an umbrella, you too can wield this unique weapon in the latest game from developers Doinksoft and publishers Devolver Digital, bringing


Don’t Worry Darling – Review

The second film to be directed by Olivia Wilde, Don’t Worry Darling, is a dive into a problematic utopia. A thrilling premise combines through the story work of Katie Silberman, Casey, and Shane Van Dyke, and looks to unsettle the viewer as a near-perfect paradise begins to unravel before our


Session: Skate Sim – Review

The wait is finally over. Session: Skate Sim has released its full version, with new features added, some removed, and DLC and future updates to come. Is this the game/sim you are looking for in your future virtual skate endeavors? Let’s find out. Developed by crea-ture Studios Inc., Session: Skate


XIII Remake – Review

After a rough launch when the remake was first released in 2020, XIII has now come out with an update for the Series S|X and PS5, fixing the buggy mess it once was into now a playable title for fans of the cult classic to enjoy once again. Developed by


Fallout 76: The Pitt – Review

As we all know, Fallout 76 had a very rocky start. It felt very empty and the story wasn’t as enthralling as in previous titles. Since its release, Bethesda has listened to the community and has been slowly bringing life back into Appalachia, initially with raiders and settlers, and then

Beacon Pines – Preview

Beacon Pines is a cute adventure game developed by Hiding Spot and published by Fellow Traveller, sitting under the ‘Visual Novel’ genre. We start the game by opening a book and that is where our story and the true journey begin, and we are introduced to Luka, a young lad

PGA TOUR 2K23 (Hands-On) – Preview

It’s time to polish that wood and those putters because PGA Tour 2K23 is on the horizon. After a 1-year gap in the PGA Tour 2K lineup, all your favorite golfers are back and better than ever to smash their balls into orbit, chase those eagles and holes in one,


Soulstice – Review

The dark fantasy genre is ripe for the picking when it comes to biblical-scale conundrums, diabolical demons, and more gloom and gore than you can shake a sword at. Soulstice, the brand-new skill-based hack and slash title from ‘Reply Game Studios’ is set to rekindle the immersive and devastating gameplay


Return To Monkey Island – Review

Return to Monkey Island and uncover more secrets, enjoy more puzzles, and get lost in the story. As I had never played a Monkey Island game before, I was excited to jump in and see what all the rage was about with their new installment. Developed by Terrible Toybox, Return


Broken Pieces – Review

Finally, there is another game to be excited about, unless you are a single genre player that’s not interested in puzzles, mysteries, and complex storytelling. For those who are, you have come to the right place. This new and very first game by Elseware Experience, a studio consisting of only


Ticket to Paradise – Review

In terms of Hollywood royalty, being able to have Julia Roberts or George Clooney by themselves would be enough to pique your interest, let alone having both star together in the same film. Reuniting once again on the silver screen, this time is a romantic comedy, the two parents at


Splatoon 3 – Review

  In 2015, Nintendo’s brand new IP, Splatoon, was released on Wii U and became an instant classic, with its unique take on an online multiplayer shooter with easy-to-learn controls and game mechanics. The sequel, Splatoon 2 on Switch, improved on everything of its predecessor with even more ink splatting


In Retrospect – Review

Are you ready to dive into your memories and tell us about your life in retrospect? Time to craft your own story and gameplay based on the decisions you make and the collectibles you collect. What direction will your life take? In Retrospect, developed by Paper Salamander Games, is definitely


NBA 2K23 – Review

Being a huge fan of sports games, each year we are graced with new titles updating our favourite games, and just before we hit purchase, we need to make ourselves believe there are going to be some huge changes in the new year’s title. Visual Concept, the developers, have not


Moonage Daydream – Review

‘Moonage Daydream’ directed by Brett Morgen isn’t a movie, it isn’t even a documentary, it’s an experience, a whole total experience. Moonage Daydream is a total symphony of colour, sights and sounds for all your senses. His whole life, David Jones, more famously known as David Bowie, has been an


ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro – Review

Question: What looks like a phone and functions like a phone, but really wants to be the next big thing in handheld gaming when it grows up? Answer: The newest entry in the ROG Phone Series from ASUS. The ROG Phone 6. I previously reviewed the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate



It’s been 22 years since Pac-Man World came to consoles, which was a massive change in its day, changing to a 3D Platformer from the Pac-Man we all grew up playing in the arcades, and Now Production & Bandai Namco have done the great Re-Pac of this classic title. This


LEGO Brawls – Review

Whether you’re assembling pieces to make various buildings, ships, or the Batcave, shopping at their many retail stores, visiting their theme parks, playing their many games, singing along to “Everything Is AWESOME!!!” or screaming in agony after stepping on a piece, the LEGO brand has continued to build much enjoyment

Stick It To The Stickman – Preview

I remember a long time ago when I used to play stickman mini-games and watch a plethora of stickman animated videos with intense fighting and gunfights, and I always was fond of playing those games. Well, in Stick it to the Stickman, I found those intense and highly enjoyable memories


ANNO: Mutationem – Review

Published by Lightning Games and developed by ThinkingStars, ANNO: Mutationem is a cyberpunk-themed, action adventure RPG game that mixes 2D characters sprites with 3D environments. Already released on PlayStation 4|5 and PC earlier this year and receiving very positive feedback from players and critics, this action-packed, 2D side-scroller is now


Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 – Review

It’s time to grab your tackle box and cruise to the bait shop before heading out to fish all day on Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2. Developed by MasterCode and Silent Bear Studio, and published by Ultimate Games, this ultimate simulator of fishing is available across all devices and has just


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