OLD – Review

‘Old’ is a supernatural thriller film written, directed, and co-produced by M. Night Shyamalan, who’s best known for ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘Unbreakable’, ‘Split’, ‘Glass’, ‘Lady in the Water’ and the critically panned ‘The Last Airbender’. After reading ‘Sandcastle’, Shyamalan decided to make a live-action movie inspired by the graphic novel


Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey – Review

Published by EastAsiaSoft and developed by Proud Dinosaurs, Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey is an indie, 2.5D puzzle-platform game originally released in 2019 on various consoles, and now available on Nintendo Switch. The story begins with Mother Bilby and her children trying to survive a dangerous storm with a hurricane approaching.


Death’s Door – Review

The absolute squeal I had when I spawned into the game as a tiny adorable crow has already sold me on the entire theme of this game. Developed by Acid Nerve and published by Devolver Digital, ‘Death’s Door’ is a game about reaping the souls of the world to fuel


Fallout 76: Steel Reign – Review

While I did side with the Institute during my first play-through of Fallout 4, the Brotherhood of Steel has always been my favourite faction in the Fallout universe. Not because I follow their ideals, but more because of the giant suits of power armour and excessive heavy weaponry. You have


Ravensword: Undaunted (Early Access) – Review

Hack, slash and pummel your way through the deadly forsaken ruins within the realm that is Ravensword. Developed by Trimatra Interactive and published by Crescent Moon games, Ravensword: Undaunted is an FPS-styled dungeon-crawler inspired by such classics as Hexen and Heretic. Now when this game popped up for review I

WRAP UP: UFC 264: Poirier Vs. McGregor 3

MAIN CARD HIGHLIGHTS Sean O’Malley def. Kris Moutinho via Round 3 TKO (punches) Round 1: Moutinho is quick to start the round, but O’Malley keeps him at range with kicks and a right hand that connects. Body kick, right hand. O’Malley eventually lands a big right cross, followed closely by

King’s Bounty II – Preview

Ever wondered what a Witcher game mashed up with Dungeons & Dragons strategic battles would be like? Love D&D but want to explore the world around you in a third-person perspective? Well, King’s Bounty 2 is the perfect mash-up between third-person exploration RPG and tabletop RPG battles, Developed by 1C


Space Jam: A New Legacy – Review

In 1996, the odd pairing of Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes with basketball legend Michael Jordan in the movie titled ‘Space Jam’ was released in cinemas, and it became one of the biggest hits of the year. From the now NBA Hall of Famer trying to play basketball with


Boomerang X – Review

Developed by Dang! and published by Devolver Digital, ‘Boomerang X’, releasing on the 9th of July is an adjusting arena fighter with a boomerang that you get to toss, teleport, and use multiple abilities with to clear each stage and move to the next. Boomerang X is all about small/medium/big


Alienware M15 R4 Gaming Laptop – Review

Gaming laptops are becoming more popular as they become more powerful with the goal of equaling their desktop brethren with the added bonus of portability. Nearly every major brand now offers some flavour of gaming or performance laptop which makes choosing one harder than ever. Dell is one such brand


Mario Golf: Super Rush – Review

Anything Mario is gold. We all know this. Only Mario could release a consistent stream of spin-off titles successfully. Now, I haven’t played a Mario Golf game since the Nintendo 64 days, so I am going in bright-eyed and open-minded. Mario Golf: Super Rush by Nintendo is split into two


Phantom Abyss (Early Access) – Review

From publisher Devolver Digital and developers Team WIBY comes Phantom Abyss. Announced during Devolver Digital’s 2021 E3 showcase, this rogue-like game offers a unique perspective in its single-player/multiplayer gameplay and a premise that is fun, fresh, and exciting in its game setting and delivery. In Phantom Abyss you are tasked

Death’s Door – Preview

The absolute squeal I made when I spawned into the game as a tiny adorable crow has already sold me on the entire theme of this game. Developed by Acid Nerve and published by Devolver Digital, ‘Death’s Door’ is a game about reaping the souls of the world to fuel


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