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Apex Legends: Season 21 – Preview

MKAU Gaming was invited to an online virtual press event for the upcoming season of Apex Legends, which is Season 21 and has gotten the name Upheaval. The developers went into detail on some new additions coming to the latest season and were also super quiet about a few things. They have promised that Apex Legends fans will be on the edge of their seats as it’s going to be awesome and they’re excited.

The first new addition introduced to us was the 26th legend to join the roster and her name is Alter. The newest legend is more of a villainous approach whilst being very crafty, fast-moving, and also known as a dimensional traveller. Alter is from an unknown dimension and her story is unknown because she will only tell people what she wants them to know, and you are never certain if she is telling the truth or lying. She is big on manipulating others to believe her.

Alter has a Cantonese background which is something the developers were super excited about as they are strong on the multi-cultural backgrounds on the active roster. There was a small little image we got to see that had Alter and Horizon in the photo, but the developers said there is something there but they are not going to dive deeper into this as it has world-shattering implications and they’re excited to see what the community thinks.

Alter’s ability gave me some awesome throwback portal vibes as you can throw a portal into a wall, a roof, or even the floor and teleport through it without needing a door. This should bring some exciting gameplay into the game as now you won’t know when someone is going to pop a teleport out and vanish from sight. The developers were super excited about her passive moves with the first one being “Gift From The Rift”.

This move allows you to see death boxes from outside, so you can look through walls and whilst doing this can grab one item out off them without even being near them. The second ability is “Void Nexus” which lets you create a regroup point that all your allies can remotely interact with to open a phase funnel and put the squad back together, but beware enemies can use these if you are not careful.

The developers have been working hard behind the scenes and are proud to announce that Solo is coming back for a limited time to see if the community can get involved in it. Solo’s will run for six weeks and take over Duo’s for that time as the community has been telling them to bring it back, and there have been some awesome additions added to the game so gamers will be happy.

The first new addition is respawn tokens, each player will get one of these when they first drop so if you get slammed in the hot drop you can have another attempt and work your way back to get involved. The respawn tokens only last so long into the game and if unused will be changed to evo so players aren’t missing out on loot.

The second new addition to the Solo’s game is “Battle Sense”. This is a new hud indicator that will tell you if there are enemies around as you don’t have your team for comms, it will also make a sound when a player is close enough to you which will alert you both so then you are ready for a gunfight.

The third and final new addition is “Auto Healing”. This can be utilised when out of combat or when you kill someone, this will work if you are in combat but you still need to do it as you normally would to add a bit more fun to that gunfight you’ve been scratching for.

Those who are into Apex Legends would know all about the events that unfolded at the end of Season 20, and Broken Moon has had a massive update for these events with major changes to some of the POIs on the map and cosmetics overall. The Quarantine Zone was the team’s primary goal to fix up and make it less of a hot drop and more somewhere people want to drop to get armed and become dangerous.

There are around 20 POIs on Broken Moon with the development team making rotations cleaner and camps are flushed out and lots more fun for those gun battles. They’re keen for players to jump onto the moon as it should be a breath of fresh air for returning players.

Ranked has had a little bit of work done to it as developers want to see more and more players in the ranked system, so they are attempting to reduce the chaos a little by locking down the ranks so you are playing with people more equal to your rank and also putting a stop to boosting which is a well-known thing in Apex Legends.

There has also been an addition of animated logos so if you hit Gold in split one and then in split two hit Gold again, then you will get a good animated ranked logo which I’m expecting to see lots of people attempt to get as they look pretty cool. There was another big reward system coming but he didn’t want to tell us about that, but he said he was super excited about it.

Some gamers will be rejoicing and others crying as Devotion is replacing Wingman in the Care Packages. The Wingman has also been nerfed and changed around a little, and you are no longer able to put big mags on this as it will only support six bullets so we won’t see Wingman’s being sprayed and prayed anymore.

I’m keen to see what the new season brings and see if it will pull some new faces into Apex Legends, the developers have said this season will be pumped full of action and patch notes and I’m looking forward to seeing all these secrets they would not tell us.

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