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Battlefield 2042: Season 7 (Hands-On) – Preview

MKAU Gaming was invited to a live preview event which was followed by a hands-on preview of the latest season of Battlefield 2042. Season 7 has scored the name Turning Point which seems very fitting for the new additions and adjustments to the title.

Haven is one of the newest additions to Battlefield 2042 which is located in the Atacama Desert called El Alicanto. Haven is an urban warfare-based map that is close combat and has drawn lots of inspiration from preloved maps like Arica Harbour, Strike at Karkand, and Amiens. There are some super cool checkpoints that you and your squad will need to take with the best-looking one being the fuel station, which I can only assume will turn into complete mayhem when you add firepower from handheld weapons and what you can use on the vehicles.

The second map is something we have all seen before but was removed from a much-loved map called Hourglass. The stadium now has its map and from what the developers have described, it will be complete chaos as it’s close quarters with no vehicles, so it’s running and gunning at its finest. We are starting to see some smaller close combat maps added into Battlefield which is a nice little change from the huge maps we are all used to.

The developers have not held back with the new weapons coming into Season 7, with four new weapons making their entrance into the title. The first is the “AK5C” which is an assault rifle that has an excellent balance of firepower and accuracy to make you a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. If you like something a little smaller with a faster fire rate, then the “SCZ-3” might be the weapon of choice for you. This weapon is a sub-machine gun which you can equip a drum magazine with so you have the firepower to take down your enemies. The one that sparked my interest the most was the “DFR Strife”.

This light machine gun has the mobility of an assault rifle so you won’t feel like you’re hauling a huge light machine gun around, but still get the satisfaction of running the light machine gun ammo belt. If you are more into making things go boom quickly, then the “Predator SRAW” will be your pick. This weapon is an anti-vehicle launcher that has a wire-guided missile which will prove to be a dangerous weapon for those who are pilots who love rolling around in land vehicles.

The vehicle lovers have not been forgotten about, with the new aircraft being added later in Season 7 called the “XFAD-4 Drauer” which is an aerial bomber and can cause some mischief if needed. The bomber has access to EMP bombs and radar-guided missiles so you can hit those spots with ease.

It will be good to see some new aircraft out and about in the skies and with the addition of this new bomber something else the land troops will need to watch out for.

The developers have also made some much-needed changes to how we play the game, with the gun recoil being adjusted so it’s more realistic and not so jumpy with some weapons, and they have also enhanced the animations so everything flows a little nicer and does not seem so sudden and rushed. The team has also worked on the deployment screen so everything runs and flows better with some great enhancements.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t own a copy of Battlefield 2042, there will be a free-play weekend from the 21st to the 24th of March and you will even have full access to the battle pass to earn some awesome rewards. The developers are also offering the title at a discounted rate over this weekend for new players who are looking at getting into Battlefield 2042. All your progress will be copied over to the full game if purchased.

Turning Point looks like it’s going to be some great fun and will bring some more close-encounter combat to the game which I’m beyond keen for.

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