Black Future 88

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Black Future 88 – Preview

Take on the mantle of one of the last remaining misfit survivors, and fight your way to the top of the tower to kill the architect and stop the endless nuclear rain. Ascend to die, and die to survive.

A throw back to the 2D classics with beautiful pixilated explosions, Black Future ’88 comes from publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer SUPERSCARYSNAKES.

The intense-looking title lets players control one of five misfits as they negotiate a series of scrolling platform stages, reacting quickly to an array of threats and hazards thrown at them. The stylish, retro-futuristic world of Black Future ’88 pits you against an “always evolving procedural tower,” as you battle your way to its top to defeat its insane owner Duncan, the person behind the nuclear armageddon shaping the world of Black Future ’88. Black Future ’88 has 5 different zones to battle through on your way to the final showdown, as well as 5 playable characters with unique buffs and weaknesses.

The entire game is scored with an all-analog synth soundtrack from Tremor Low, adding even more to the atmosphere of the game. The art style is decidedly retro, with neon colors illuminating the old-school sprites. It’s evocative of the games of the era in which it’s set. While not the same kind of game, it’s similar to the sprites of Into the Breach, the tactical RPG makers of FTL. Black Future ’88 does feature a lot of flashing theatrics and photosensitive individuals should not be playing this title.

Both the PC and Switch versions of the game will feature local co-op. Thankfully, developer SUPERSCARYSNAKES has allowed the game to be experienced entirely in single-player, too.

Black Future ’88 comes to PC later this year, hopefully some time after E3.


Written by: MKAU Gaming

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