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Brief Battles – Review

BRIEF BATTLES is an indie battle platformer party game from Juicy Cupcake, Based in Australia and is their First Major Commercial Title, Built with the Unreal Engine and had a Kickstarter backing back in 2017. The game features six plump pink potato like characters to choose from to dominate up to three friends in underwear-fuelled chaos.

The game has four main game modes in battle which are Multiplayer Only. You will find “Classic Battles” being the main of the four modes, the other three are “Knockout”, “Hold The Gold” and “Underpants Collector”. These can’t be played until “Classic Battles” has been completed. All required friends to play with. There is another section for Solo and Co-op play with Challenges, which also features “Underpants Collector (solo)” & there is a tutorial mode “The Basics (solo)” which runs you through pretty much everything you need to know. “Tighty Whitey Targets (solo), Butt-em-up Battles and endless Butt-em-up (solo and Co-op)” are horde mode game types.

The others feature challenges that get harder and harder over time. With all these modes spanning over 50 levels, the content alone can’t be contained in your Underpants.

The games mechanics focuses on time based combat and challenges giving you a select amount of time to complete what you need to do. This can be either collecting underpants or defeating mobs of enemies, to smashing objects with your BUTT! There is also the exception of gifted underpants as pick ups granting abilities to knock out your friends and foes.

The overlaying tune really gets your Butt into gear with the game’s audio tracks from Combat Battle Music to Funky Beats.

The controls aren’t complex and the game is very fluid and smooth in play. Overall the game is enjoyable playing alone at times, but playing with friends a hell-of-a Butt Blasting Time competing to see who could get the highest score collecting undies or stomping your friends Butt to the curb.

The Good

  • Good time waster
  • Enjoyable combat and challenges
  • Undies

The Bad

  • Need friends
  • Dirty Undies
Dale Carter

Written by: Dale Carter

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