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Bright Memory – Review

For those that aren’t aware of what Bright Memory is, here’s a quick rundown. Bright Memory is a prologue to the yet to be released, Bright Memory: Infinite, which might be familiar to some as it was first shown off in the Xbox Series X games showcase.

Now, Bright Memory was released earlier this year on PC and has since come out on Xbox consoles as a sort of next-gen-launch exclusive, but don’t expect a long game from this prologue as it only runs for about 45mins to 1 hour long, though there is replayability to it which I’ll touch on later.

So what’s it all about? Bright Memory starts off with your protagonist Shelia thrown straight into the middle of a high-stakes covert mission. Starting off with a pistol before picking up other weapons like sub machines you shoot and slash your way through bad guys along with an array of other strange enemy types as well such as Dinosaur looking creatures, enemies being raised from the dead with swords and shields, giant bats, just to name a few.

Besides your standard run of the mill weapons, you’ve got some abilities. Some you’ll have access to right away, others you’ll unlock as you play through the game. These abilities can be anything from dashing, EMP blasts, or a sword that you can unleash fury on anyone standing in your way.

The combat is fast and fluid, and give you plenty of flexibility to be able to mix and match your abilities and weapons. Once you get a feel for how the game plays, you’ll be pulling off some crazy moves. At the end of each level, the game rates you from D through to SSS, very similar to the Devil May Cry rating system which gives the short game a little replayability allowing you to chase down higher scores.

We reviewed Bright Memory on the Xbox Series X and can report loads times were pretty quick, loading into levels in under 10 secs. While this might not as quick as other titles we are seeing on the Series X, Bright Memory is a great-looking game on Series X hardware, and Bright Memory: Infinite looks like a big step up from this again from what we saw at the Xbox Games Showcase.

The only real issue I saw with this running on the Series X was some screen tearing here and there which hopefully it further cleaned up with a future patch. But none the less, an amazing looking game, especially if you are playing on a 4K TV where it really shines.

So while we sit back and wait for Bright Memory: Infinite to come out sometime in 2021, I highly recommend grabbing Bright Memory to get used to how the game feels and work on those combos and high scores.

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The Good

  • Fast paced combat
  • Hack and slash
  • Impressive graphics

The Bad

  • Some screen tearing
  • Too short

Written by: MKAU Gaming


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