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Colored Effects (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Developed and published by TACSOU, “Colored Effects’ is a platform puzzler that has you using different coloured abilities to progress through simple but tediously challenging levels. Already available on Steam, and now on the Nintendo Switch, this is one platformer that will put your wits and skills to the test.

There is no plot to this game, other than progress through the levels to get to an eventual boss fight. These can be quite difficult even for such a simplistic game. Looks can be very deceiving when it comes to this title.

This game sorely needs some lines of dialogue at a minimum, as I felt I needed more of a motivational boost to keep coming back. I found I thirsted for some way to connect to it, even with my little character as he moved from level to level.

The gameplay is a basic platformer and will have you moving through obstacles like lava, doors with switches, and moving platforms. What makes this game unique is the colour aspect. Pools of colour will be strategically placed around the world, and these give you specific abilities to meet your end goal of collecting gems to open the end door. These abilities include a yellow dash, a blue double jump, a red fireball, a purple teleport, and a green cloning ability.

These abilities appear as paint splotches spattered around the map and imbue themself within you when you step in them. Beware though, the moment you step in another colour you lose your previous ability. These are utilised quite effectively and the inputs feel fluid when you use each.

The game has insane difficulty spikes at times, with some puzzles taking considerable time to solve, with some boss fights being a simple dodge-and-shoot scenario, and others a mishmash of complicated switches. It can be very frustrating, but more often than not, you are rewarded with a gradual release of an extra colour, and thus, another mechanic to further your progression.

The game has cute minimalistic graphics, even when it comes to the animations of the abilities. While they are adorable, I just found I needed more to engage me. It’s almost too simplistic that it borders on boring. The crazy amount of white does contrast well with the colours, however, it also takes over to a monstrous degree. I wish there were a few more visual elements built into the environments to give them some charm or character. The music is very fitting, but again, is of the most generic 16-bit retro style. It is neither here nor there, and nor is it very memorable.

Featuring 40 levels, you have a lot to complete in Colored Effects. I did enjoy my time with this title but in only short bursts. With no real plot driving me to keep coming back, I enjoyed playing until my eventual death to one of the few tedious bosses that are spattered every few levels.

Can simple be enjoyable? Yes, but everything else better be super tight, and unfortunately, this one had me less coloured, and more a shade between black and white.

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The Good

  • Simplistic premise
  • Cool colour mechanic
  • Abilities are useful and fluid
  • Boss fights split up levels
  • Lots of levels
  • Cute graphics

The Bad

  • No plot
  • Challenging spikes unexpectedly
  • Almost too simplistic
  • Bland backing music

Written by: Stacey


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