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Cult Of The Lamb – Preview

Devolver Digital has come out swinging with another gem of an indie game in the form of Cult of the Lamb. At first glance, this game does admittedly look a tad confusing, as it showcases a mix of elements and styles from other previously released gaming titles, e.g. city building, creepy/cute characters, but that’s exactly how Devolver Digital gets you hooked in! Plus, as history has shown, it’s been ever so successful for them!

You play as the lamb, who has recently been rescued by an ancient evil called The One Who Waits, and, after becoming the victim of an attempted sacrifice, you’re conscripted to form a cult and siphon up locals to perform dark and violent rituals in its name. Creepy and cute, right?

Gameplay is divided into two sections: Dungeons & Building. Sadly, no dragons. Dungeons are approached in the way we all know and love – traverse your way through a varied set of rooms to eventually find and fight the dungeon boss. Upon its successful defeat, the former boss is now your future-cult worshiper! Hooray! You then head back to your base of cult operations and begin to build up resources, which can be found looming in the previously mentioned dungeons, to further build, strengthen and improve your cult!

Upon each do-over/repeat of dungeon explorations, you’re presented with newly discoverable weapons and powers unique to that specific run, aiding you in future battles, which really does help the replay value and overall life of the game.


Showcasing their innovative approach to mixing elements and styles, the art style of Cult of the Lamb is so appealing to the eyes, even if it is creepy/cute. If South Park blended with the zany styling of Cuphead, then we’re off to a good launching point of how the art, characters, and worlds are all showcased.

Though the dungeons and look of the game play a huge factor, its strongest component would have to be its town building. Drawing inspiration from Lost Ark and Age of Empires, the game really shines when you’re resource gathering and base building. It’s so captivating and time-consuming that you’ll lose hours into building that it almost becomes a race of how fast you can finish a dungeon just to get back to base to build again! The Cult followers are crucial to your base repertoire, as you must feed them with food and evil sermons to keep them happy. Or as happy as one can be in an evil cult.

Devolver Digital continues to deliver time and time again on their releases, with Cult of the Lamb joining their ever-growing list of successes. A cute/creepy fun time to be had by all, which shows no signs of diminishing any time soon!

Written by: Brutaleo


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