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DOOM Eternal (Nintendo Switch) – Review

‘DOOM Eternal’ was easily one of my favourite games in 2020, possibly even robbed of ‘Game Of The Year’ but let’s not get into that. DOOM Eternal by id Software and Panic Button Games, has now been ported over to the Nintendo Switch and I couldn’t be happier to have the ability to rip and tear through demonic scum on the go.

For a full synopsis of the plot, gameplay, and general feelings of this title, you can read our comprehensive review on DOOM Eternal on Xbox One X HERE.

Now released on the Nintendo Switch, I will give you a quick rundown of performance and any glaring changes.

Firstly, straight off the bat, I was faced with having to dig through my emails looking for my Bethesda.Net account log-ins as you simply can’t play the game without them. Super tedious, as I already had an account on my Xbox but for the life of me couldn’t access it again on my Nintendo Switch. So I spent 15 minutes wasting time creating a new account, not my ideal way to start a game that is for sure. I was more than a bit miffed.

The first thing you will notice is that there is a considerable visual downgrade, as you would expect running on the Nintendo Switch at 720p. This was quite jarring to myself, as some that blitzed through the campaign when it first came out and could not believe how amazingly gorgeous a demon infest world could be in all its glory. The cutscenes especially are cutback and feel a tad flat docked on my 4K T.V. but even in the handheld mode where the graphics tend to be a bit crisper due to the smaller screen felt a bit underwhelming.

The controls are mapped out to the Switch quite well but I preferred to play with a controller as with DOOM Eternal a lot of the guns have multiple functions and it was just so much more convenient to play with a controller than to try and manage the joy-cons snapped into the screen. In saying that, whichever way you play I found the movement of DOOM Guy considerably more janky and slow compared to its counter-part versions.

In Battlemode, it was the same deal, the graphics threw me off a bit and it took forever to find a game but once I did and played a few rounds with the same people and got my bum handed to me every time, it reminded me how under-appreciated this title really is. It also comes with the added bonus of DOOM 64 as an extra download and never has a retro game looked and played so well. I found myself having a break from Eternal and blissfully booting it up as it was just so fun to play docked on the big screen.

While it is an impressive feat to port over such an amazingly celebrated title, I can’t help but recommend it on a console or PC first where it will shine in all its glory. Sure, this will be the first game I will go to when I get to travel with my Switch again (if we ever even get to travel again..) and if the Nintendo Switch is your only console, DOOM Eternal is definitely a title you should add to your collection.

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The Good

  • Still an epic yet typical Doom Guy story
  • Amazing gritty gameplay
  • Soundtrack of the decade
  • Fun Battlemode
  • Completely over the top gameplay in all the right ways
  • Still a decent port for beginning Switch users

The Bad

  • Graphics were not as well ported over as I had expected
  • harassing you the moment you boot up
  • Slower controls response
  • All-round better versions on other consoles/PC

Written by: Stacey


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