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Dreams – Review

Dreams is created by Media Molecule, and is not so much a game, but a Social Creation Network, wherein you can make games, art, music, sculptures, animation and everything in between. However, it doesn’t stop there. You are able to share your work and have others collaborate on it, making it something more. With the help of your ‘Imp,’ a furry ball of cuteness that replaces your cursor, you dive headfirst into the world of Dreams; a colourful, vibrant and intimidating experience.

Before diving into your own creativity, there is a short intro and a tutorial that must be completed, leaving you with what can only be described as a musical fireworks display. Once completed, you should understand the basics of controlling your Imp, interacting with objects and possessing avatars. This was the most complicated part, at least for me. It did take some time to adjust and be able to navigate with relative ease, but once this is completed, you should have your own ‘Home Space’ that you can customise to your hearts content. I found the hardest part of this creation platform was the controls. It does get easier the more you use it, and you have the option of using the dual shock controller or the move controllers. This is a choice I’ll leave to you. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Of the four modes available, Home Space is like your own little slice of Dreams. You have a limited amount of ‘Dream Shaping’ ability, but enough to make it personal to you; a place just for you or to show off to others. Other than that, the ‘Home Space’ is just your central point where you can then head to the other modes.

‘Dream Shaping’ is a creative mode where you can start you own project, or run through the many tutorials available, where you’ll learn about the various tools at your fingertips. This is a pretty overwhelming area to jump into, so make sure you give yourself time to go through as many tutorials as possible before you try and make a masterpiece, otherwise you may just find yourself getting frustrated.

From here, you can start creating and decide if you’ll add the re-mix option, allowing others to dive in and make changes to your work, or opening the possibilities of using theirs. You are able collaborate with others in the cooperative multiplayer feature to make something truly awe-inspiring. There are even projects that have over twenty people who have all work on it. This is definitely the hardest, but also the most rewarding aspect of Dreams.

‘Dream Surfing’ is where you get to experience and play through the strange and unique minds of others. There is so much to explore, but if I might suggest a starting, point check out “Art’s Dream.” It is the interactive game created by Media Molecule made entirely from Dreams and shows the players what can be created using this system. “Art’s Dream” takes two to three hours to complete, but is the first thing you should try out. You can also check out pieces created by other players, leaving a thumbs up or comment on the hard work they put into their own masterpieces, or the re-imaginations of others work. Just remember to be thoughtful and respectful – no one likes a troll. I spent twenty minutes running around as

The Flash in a simulator someone had painstakingly created. There is so much to see, to listen to, to play, and to marvel at. The possibilities in Dreams is limitless.

Lastly there is ‘Community Jam,’ a contest of sorts, operated by Media Molecule where the players, referred to as dreamers, are given a theme and set loose to create as they see fit. Other dreamers can then vote for their favourites, and the winners and runners up receive a badge that appears on their creation page, a prize and acknowledgment of the work and effort put into their piece of art. The theme changes every few weeks allowing for time on the creations and ample opportunities to possibly receive a badge of your own.

I can’t wait to see just how far they can take is system, as they are set to launch PSVR support in the near future. This excites me even more about the possibilities that the future will hold, not just for Dreams, but the games we play and how we play them. This is an amazing achievement by Media Molecule, and something I know I will continue to use as I have a few ideas I wouldn’t mind bringing to life. It will take time, since I’m not very competent, but with patience and perseverance anything is possible.

The Good

  • The tutorials are well put together and easy enough to follow allowing you to move at your own pace
  • Visually and melodically beautiful as if in a dream
  • The shear amount of creative freedom
  • The co-operative and sharing nature allow for a strong and close-knit community to grow

The Bad

  • The controls can become quite tedious, so time and patience are needed
Adam Brasher

Written by: Adam Brasher

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