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Far Cry 6 – Review

Ubisoft is back with its very successful Far Cry franchise, this time bringing us Far Cry 6. Far Cry 6 brings everything the previous games have done best, providing players with a massive, open-world that will enable you to play Far Cry 6 anyway you like while handing you all the tools, weapons, and chaotic moments the Far Cry games are well known for.

This time around you’ll play as Dani Rojas, an orphan who joins the rebels of Libertad with only one goal, to take down a malicious dictator of the island of Yara, Anton Castillo played by Giancarlo Esposito. This fictional island of Yara is everything you’d expect from a Far Cry game. The island of Yara is covered in forests, cliffs, mountains, and slums. It’s a beautiful place, but in its current dictatorship, it’s also a dangerous one, riddled with military checkpoints.

While the island of Yara is large, getting around is easy, whether it be by vehicles, horseback (yes, there are horses in Far Cry now), or the plenty of zip lines scattered around the map, the choice is yours. Of course, you still have the option to fast travel around the map once you’ve completed main story missions or captured enemy checkpoints. Finally, like in previous games, the grapple hook makes its return making it easy to traverse high mountains and buildings.

It also wouldn’t be a Far Cry game without its crazy range of weapons and solid shooting mechanics, and I’m happy to report Far Cry 6 is no different. While a lot of the time I found myself using the run-of-the-mill assault rifles and pistols, you do have access to some really unique and insane weapons that you unlock as you play the game. These include “Resolver Weapons” which are special guns, such as a nail gun or a flame thrower, and come with unique attributes and abilities.

Then there is my favorite, “Supremos”. This is a backpack-type rig that lets you fire different types of rockets from your back. These come with different abilities that are tied to a cooldown. While I love games where I can sneak around trying to clear an area without being noticed, there is something really satisfying about rolling into an enemy checkpoint with a Supremo strapped to your back equipped with homing rockets and letting loose.

Making a return from Far Cry 5 are unlockable animals called Amigos you can have as pets that help in combat. One of these is Chorizo the sausage dog, which you would have seen in the trailer and on promotional material for the game. One of the others is Guapo the alligator. Your Amigo will help take down enemies, keeping them busy while you go about your business. They are a lot of fun to send into battle, but they can go down and you’ll need to revive them, so be careful.

Once you’ve finished the 20 plus hours of the main story, the island of Yara offers a variety and massive amount of side content. Whether that’s helping characters with side missions, taking down military checkpoints, or running around grabbing all those sweet collectibles, you won’t run out of things to do in Far Cry 6.

A welcome addition is the inclusion of co-op. Players can party up in Far Cry 6 and play through the entire campaign together. The only thing to note here is the story progression on one person’s game won’t reflect on the other.

All in all, Far Cry 6 is a welcome addition to the series. Sure, if you’ve played a Far Cry game in the past, Far Cry 6 will feel very familiar. But that’s what makes it as good, and as fun, as it is. Far Cry 6 is a perfect example of “If ain’t not broken, don’t fix it”.

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The Good

  • Straight up Far Cry fun
  • Solid gunplay
  • Fun and unique weapons
  • Massive open-world
  • Plenty of side content to keep you busy
  • Co-op supported

The Bad

  • Doesn't bring anything new to the franchise

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