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Flutter Away (Nintendo Switch) – Review

I have a fascination with creatures big and small especially when they are in their own environment living their best lives. ‘Flutter Away’ by Runaway Play is an endearing indie title that captures that inquisitive and serene nature in its own calming experience.

You play as a lone explorer, deep in the heart of a beautiful jungle, ready to document your next 5 days and the discoveries it brings. Your main aim is to take notes on the local butterfly population however there are many opportunities to collect data on the other roaming critters and plants.

As you progress into day and night cycles, more paths open up for more to be discovered. Each day and night also has a list of objectives to complete before you move into the next day.

Your character has a camera and uses that to catch evidence of any new species found. A stick for them to land is also used to observe their features. All this evidence is then sent to a journal where your feelings, aspirations, and wonders can be accounted for.

These are automatically generated and I wish the player had more input into each journal entry. The story is very charming but I wish we had more days and more objectives as they are very simple. Running in at 3 hrs and less, it’s over before it really starts.

The controls are very simple in premise too. Your character mainly walks around beaten paths, setting up the camp and moving branches, with the analog sticks. The few buttons you do utilise such as the arrows open up the camera, journal, or observation stick. Bumpers let you flick through your journal looking at your pages of butterflies and other hidden discoveries.

Graphically, the game is pretty solid on the TV and in handheld mode. Running in gorgeous watercolour-styled animations the whole ambience is serene and relaxing. The vibrant greens encapsulate the jungle and the twinkling of the stars in the sky as the sunsets bring the night sky alive. The butterflies and even your little capybara friend are sweetly drawn and actually quite beautiful and detailed.

The atmospheric music also complements the artist’s avenue of graphics. Chimes and meditation-like music faintly radiates in the background with the sounds of nature taking the forefront. You will hear chirping, scurrying, and the trickle of streams. Lighting will crack over head and leaves will rustle in gentle breezes. It all culminates into one neat and unwinding experience.

Overall, Flutter Away, while short and very basic in gameplay, will make you want to curl up, relax and unwind while you snap away at the natural wonders of the jungle. Set up your camp chair, tent, and light that fire and enjoy the atmosphere of mother nature.

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The Good

  • Very charming story
  • Simple controls
  • Endearing animals, critters and plants
  • Gorgeous watercolour-like art style
  • Calm music

The Bad

  • Very short
  • Needs more player input

Written by: Stacey


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