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Fortnite: Lands Down Under (Creative Map) – Review

Created by Alliance Studios and Zen Creative this Fortnite Creative Map/Custom Island holds four very unique Australia & New Zealand themed mini-games for players to experience, all accessible via the maps main hub “The Visitors Centre”.

The “Visitors Centre” holds some very impressive custom model work such as Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombats and Ibis. It was actually a real treat when we first saw a pair of Ibis outside the “Visitors Centre” fishing through the trash cans. Arhh.. Ya filthy bin chickens.

Besides being a hub to access the other mini-games, the “Visitors Centre” acts as a treasure trove of information of all things Australia & New Zealand. This includes an aquarium that shows off our marine life and above the aquarium, you will find some framed photos of stunning shots from around ANZ, such as Cathedral Cove in NZ and the Great Barrier Reef in QLD. There are also animal displays that can be found giving information on the native wildlife.

For a limited time, custom sprays can be claimed (if you’re quick enough) that can be acquired by finding 10 golden coins scattered around the “Visitors Centre”. Once you’ve collected all 10, you’re rewarded with a VIP card that you can now use to enter the VIP door behind the information desk.

So what’s the 4 mini-games you ask! First up is “Kiwi Hideout”. This one is a single-player game where you will be asked to help find ten missing Kiwi birds in a wildlife exhibit. You will be timed on this and can have your name up on the leaderboard for the fastest time to find all ten. Pretty straightforward.

Next up is, “Sydney Surf Spectacular”. This one is a racing game that takes you through Sydney’s iconic beaches and can be played with up to 16 other players. As you surf, you are able to pick up items that you can use against other racers. “Sydney Surf Spectacular” is a lot of fun and can be chaotic across a three-lap race that will feature an always changing statue of the player who is in first place.

The third game is “Aussie Tradie Empire”. This one can be played with up to 4 players and was honestly my personal favourite out of the four games. You play as a tradie with the task of building a house before the other players by completing jobs around the work site such as mixing cement, refilling paint cans or finding missing tools. After successfully completing jobs you will get paid in gold coins which you’ll need to take back to the hardware store (100% looks like Bunnings) where you’ll need to purchase the material needed (wood, brick or iron) to complete the 3 different steps to build your house. It’s a lot of fun and this one has been put together extremely well.

Last, but not least is “Bake and Batter”. This can be played with up to two players max, and will see players either be assigned to the team of “Baker” or “Fish & Chip” cook. In the kitchen of your Bakery or Fish & Chip shop, you’ll find an order on the back wall that needs to be made and then delivered to the customer. For example, if your order is a Fish Burger, you’ll need to grab a fish from the freezer and cook it, grab a tomato and slice it up, same for Lettuce. Once you’ve got all the items needed for your Fish Burger, you’ll need to combine them all before placing the finished burger on the tray. You will only be able to hold one item for the meal at once so be sure to plan out your pathing and order to prepare for the meal ahead. The more items on the order will reflect the number of points the team will be given.

Overall the “Lands Down Under” is amazing and a lot of fun. We’ve had a blast here at MKAU challenging each other and our community in these mini-games. If you’ve not yet checked it out, make sure you do so by using island code: 4371-6551-3016 in Fortnite Creative.

The Good

  • Fun mini-games
  • Very well done animal models
  • Limted time sprays
  • Treasure trove of ANZ information
  • Bins chickens

Written by: MKAU Gaming


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