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Ghostwire: Tokyo – Hands Off Preview

While Bethesda may have been bought out by Microsoft, they’re still following through with their intentions of releasing PlayStation exclusives, and later this month, the highly anticipated Ghostwire: Tokyo will make its debut on PS5 and PC.

The team at MKAU was fortunate enough to be invited to take part in a hands-off preview, and as an Xbox player, I can admit that I am a little jealous of what PS5 players will be getting.

Set in a seemingly modern-day Tokyo, almost the entire population vasnished in an instant, replaced by supernatural entities that would not look out of place in an Anime. Playing as Akito, one of the few remaining humans, you’ll team up with KK, a spirit who becomes your unlikely ally in an attempt to put an end to the supernatural threat. While the story may seem somewhat cliché, the execution appears to be anything but.

Tokyo is almost perfectly replicated in digital form, with its bright neon signs, enormous LED screens, and deafening ambiance, while traditional Japanese temples feel eerily peaceful, with beautiful plant life and intricately carved statues. From the outside, everything appears normal, but as you watch the faceless population go about their daily routine, you’ll begin to notice that something really isn’t right.

Evil spirits flicker in and out of existence in an almost glitchy way, somewhat reminiscent of the game Control. What seems to be a normal businessman rushing through the rain on his way to work soon shows its true nature as supernatural energies emanate from its tortured soul.

More powerful enemies take the form of horrifying half-corpses, vaguely resembling the girl as she crawls out of the TV screen from The Ring. It felt very much like I was watching a combination of Control and Death Stranding gameplay.

Combat is a mix of contemporary weapons, such as knives or bow and arrow, mixed with more traditional ninja weapons such as Kunai, and things take a more mystical approach as you channel your inner Naruto, weaving your hands and fingers to unleash Ninjistu that would make even the most powerful Hokage jealous. The fights are spectacularly bright and full of brutal displays of divine justice.

Needless to say, I am jealous that this is going to be a PS5 exclusive, and while it is going to be on PC, it’s the PlayStation players that are going to get the most out of it, particularly when it comes to pre-order bonuses.

Coming from Bethesda and drawing inspiration from Japanese Culture, we can rest assured that this is going to be one beautifully powerful story, complimented perfectly by over-the-top anime-esque combat and an insanely detailed world.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Releases Worldwide On March 25, 2022, but if you can’t wait till then check out the recently released showcase below showing off 20mins or so of the game in action.

Written by: MKAU Gaming


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