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GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Controller – Review

Thanks to GuliKit, I was able to review the new KingKong 2 Pro Controller, and with its Bluetooth connection, it can be used on a range of devices. I have tested it on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and iOS.

On the top of the controller, users will find the sync button and a USB-C port for charging or wired connection, if that is your preference. Just above the sync button is the charge display, but what I think is the best display is the indicator mode, which will display what the controller is set to sync to, and with a button next to the display, users can cycle between the Switch icon, Android and Windows icons to connect to the desired platform.

Do keep in mind there are two connections for Windows, so if you wish to use the controller for gaming, double-check that it is set to the gamepad option when connecting with Bluetooth on the PC. When connecting to Android and iOS, the KingKong 2 controller will be found listed as an “Xbox Wireless Controller.”

The controller itself performs really well and features an amazing battery life of 25 hours when fully charged. It follows the same designs as your average Xbox controller with a few extra buttons for use on the Nintendo Switch, and the Settings button which can be used to adjust features such as motion sense aim, vibration settings, and stick sensitivity. The controller itself is covered in a conductive rubber which offers a nice feel to hold for long gaming sittings.

Trying out a few different games across a couple of different systems, I found the controls to be just as good as using a genuine one, with practically zero input delay. Another hidden feature for the controller, since it is mainly designed for the Switch, is that users can scan their Amiibo’s by placing the base of the Amiibo on the GuliKit icon, and this will scan the Amiibo for any data it contains.

The package comes with the controller in a protective case, a USB-C cable that has a good length to it, suitable to use comfortably at a desk setup, instructions with guides on how to use the settings modes to change features, and an information card which details the website to visit for the latest news on firmware upgrades and support questions you may have, and as a nice finish off, a sticker card with the GuliKit Logo and name.

The GuliKit KingKong 2 PRO controller is available through a variety of online retailers with an average retail price of around $70 price, with the option of either white or black. Of course, this will differ depending on the website used and shipping costs.

The KingKing 2 PRO quickly became my new go-to choice for PC gaming, but it also made Switch gaming more enjoyable with how easy it is to switch between platforms, and the long-lasting battery is perfectly suited for big gaming days.

I stress-tested the controller across a range of different games ranging from first-person shooters like House of the Dead on the Switch, to fighting games like Sifu on the PC, and I was very impressed with how the controller played out with no issues or input lag.

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The Good

  • Easy to set up and switch devices
  • Longlasting battery life
  • Great design and feel while playing
  • No input delay or issues with the buttons and triggers
  • Range of settings that can be changed to adjust for the user
  • Nicely packaged and includes a protective case
  • Amiibo scanner built in for Switch gamers
  • Comes with a lengthy USB-C Charge cable
  • Solid price for an amazing controller

Written by: Shane Walsh


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