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Hellpoint – Review

I’m back with another game to add to the notch in my belt with ‘Hellpoint’. Hellpoint is a Sci-Fi, action role-playing game published by TinyBuild and developed by Cradle and I must say, I actually quite enjoyed it with a few rage sessions added as seasoning on top. If you’re a fan of games like Dark Souls (not me normally) well you’re in for a treat, so let’s get into it.

Starting off, I was greeted with a nameless humanoid/cyborg, which I named Annie. On a space station called ‘Irid Novo’ that circles a black hole, this station holds immense power and mystery. You soon, very soon, learn the station’s position in relation to the black hole affects the strength of the dark and twisted creatures you encounter as you explore it’s depths. I certainly learned this quickly over numerous plays, oh I’ll be honest, lives numerous lives. Let’s say, I died a lot, with each death progressing a little further each time, not a total loss but it did make me channel my inner StaceRage (**inside notoriously short tempered colleague joke**) a few times. Once completing the prologue and my first major boss fight, we are introduced to a computer called ‘The Author’, who tasks you with finding information out about the strange “Affliction” corrupting this place. The story wasn’t very strong throughout, something that gamers after a strong meaty narractive might miss.

Besides from reading some computer terminals, books and hints hidden around as you make your way through Irid Novo, you’ll need to memorise your journey as there’s no mini map or guide to your location. Though, there are various checkpoints that allow you to link one point to another as a sort of fast travel. Enemies come in various sizes as well as typical classes ranging from quick to powerful, hulking to magic users; after a few plays they are easy to distinguish, making it easier to determine who or what to take out first with more strategy than fumbling random attacks. It was totally a learning curve.

Dispatching enemies causes some to drop weapons, armour or Axions (exp) which can be used at breaches (checkpoints). This is where they can be used to level up your character’s stats in stamina, health, energy etc. Make sure you choose wisely because a bad combo could mean your doom and a trip all the way back to your death location all over again. You’ll come across weapon benches/printers to either upgrade weapons or print new ones using materials you’ll find in your travels or from deconstructing weapons or armour.


Luckily, at the very start there’s a little hand holding as you learn the basics as Hellpoint literally uses the entire controller (RB) light attack (RT) heavy attack (A) jump the usual which I found quite enjoyable unlike other games I’ve played where its a cluster of combinations. New players to the genre (Me) will have no Issue with controls it works well with the game.


Visually, Hellpoint is beautiful. It is hard not to notice the amount of detail put into the walls, the enemies’character designs and even the backgrounds are downright stunning, they have effectively created an eerie atmosphere that gels so well with what the plot is trying to convey. One thing that I actually love about the game at the start was what I can only describe as neon space whale creatures. I would literally stand and watch them until they were out of sight before continuing my game; they are definitely a sight to see. The soundtrack was also eerily enjoyable, setting the tone for searching the creepy desolate space station, even if it meant me missing enemies, allowing them to get the jump on me while distracted.


Now I did enjoy my time with Hellpoint, besides the many deaths, followed by rage, followed by satisfaction of boss victories, however, there was still a few things that bugged me. The game gives you the ability to equip three weapon loadouts, allowing you to switch between them which was fun. It allowed me to set up certain loadouts for different enemies, but the inventory menu has everything else in there too, so I am not going to lie, it took me a little bit to notice that its also where the game settings are included.

Multiplayer was also a miss for me as connections kept dropping as none of my friends have this I couldn’t give them the code for my world nor try couch Co-Op with anyone. This was disappointing a little as some help would of been nice to go with the countless notes scattered throughout the world. Another little admirable attention to detail was the fact that whenever you die your ghost wanders around the area ready to attack you when you return. This added a little more excitement, unless you die after getting a powerful weapon like me or you may get you ass whooped.


All in all, despite my few frustrated raging moments, I did enjoy Hellpoint. I’m sure fans of Dark Souls like games will get even more enjoyment out of it unless they are into an indepth story which is one of the letdowns in my opinion. Surprisingly, I never came across any bugs or glitches apart from the Multiplayer help that would of been nice. A game of visual beauty, Hellpoint is definitely a game for any RPG enthusiast to check out.

The Good

  • Visuals
  • Gameplay
  • Ghost Me
  • Neon Space Whale Thingys

The Bad

  • Story
  • Multiplayer Connection
  • Stuffed Menu Packed Together
Anarchy Risen

Written by: Anarchy Risen


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