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HyperX Alloy Origins Core (Blue Switches) Gaming Keyboard – Review

Hyper X’s Alloy Origins Core: Will you pick the red switches or the blue switches?

Much like in the Matrix; will you pick the red pill or the blue pill? That is what it seems like at times when choosing the route in your Hyper X Alloy Origins Core Keyboard experience. While this range also comes in Aqua too, this article will deep dive into MKAU’s comparison of their illustrious own line of Red and Blue switches.

Now, if you want an overall review of the Alloy Origins Core, you, my friend, are in luck as you can read my full impressions of the keyboard at the following link here.

So what is the difference?

The HyperX Red switches are what are known as ‘linear’. This means they have a clear undisturbed travel path from the press to the input.

These switches are perfect for anyone that isn’t chasing that tactile feedback. With such a smooth slide path, this means less pressure is needed to execute commands. Also, due to the fluid movement of these keys, they are a lot quieter than most of the other HyperX ‘patented switches.

The HyperX Blue switches are the infamous ‘Clicky’ style. I say infamous as you either love them or hate them for their iconic loud click. Due to the notch on their travel path, most of these types of switches will have higher actuation points and travel distances but these Blue switches keep up with their Red brothers. They do require more force though to apply the input thus receiving that more tactile input and typically making them slower in tap reactions.

Both have an impressive 1.8mm actuation point and 3.8mm travel distance in total, meaning for those nerdlings at home, the distance it takes to register keystrokes. This is impressive seeing as their own CHERRY switches have a 0.2mm difference. Hyper X also has a tried and tested lifespan of 80 million clicks for each switch type, so durability and quality are at the forefront of your keyboarding affairs.

How do I feel?

Personally, I prefer the HyperX Blue switches. As a writer foremost in the gaming industry, I prefer to listen and feel the flow of my work at my fingertips. Loss of speed due to the pressure needed to actuate a stroke doesn’t bother me as the competitiveness of PC gaming has never been a priority in my gameplay. The fabulous thing about HyperX is the fact they cater to everyone and while this is my preference, budding Esports stars would probably prefer the latter. They both though have very silky and fluid keys, that can be easily removed to clean the deck.

Whether you pick the HyperX Red switches or the Blue switches, The Alloy Origins Core is a beast for any gamer or casual, but with the right switches, you can customise your experience to the fullest.

Thanks for entering The Matrix with MKAU!


The Good

  • Durable HyperX Blue switches
  • Matte silk keys
  • Individual key RGB lighting that is customisable

Written by: StacefaceMayhem



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