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Life Is Strange 2: Episode 5: Wolves – Review

What is the price of freedom and how far will you go to get it?

Life Is Strange 2 by DONTNOD Entertainment and Square Enix is back with it’s final episode and I couldn’t be more excited to see the conclusion of this journey of self discovery. Finally, we are at the conclusion of Sean and Daniel’s harrowing adventures across America, trying to get to their own personal haven in Mexico.

Episode 5: Wolves, opens with the boys enjoying a night under the stars in the desert and relieved to be living safely with their newly found mother in a secluded community. Though, not peaceful for long, as the FBI are hot on their trail, desperate to know the circumstances behind the death of their father and cop in their racist Seattle hometown, all the way back in episode 1. Desperately on the run, Sean is at a crossroads; promote his brother’s power and risk him abusing it or restrain it and struggle to survive the harsh realities of their situations. While, one of the flatter, less action packed episodes of the five, it does wrap up the loose ends quite nicely.

Being a graphic adventure, each episode plays the same. Playing as Sean, you can interact with items, look at them, use them or even collect them to use at a later time, to solve a problem. He is equipped with a backpack that acts as the in game menu, with text messages and diary entries supporting the content of the story, an inventory and to remind you of current objectives. This game weighs heavily on the decisions you make and relies on conversations to fuel the direction your story will take. Dialogue choices set off chain reactions along a dialogue tree and it was good to see conversations in previous episodes has a final weigh in on the epic conclusion of this story. Boasting four different endings, this is one tale I can’t wait to replay, to see the other possibilities. Perhaps making a few more dastardly decisions along the way this time, instead of trying to be the angel child, I wish I had been myself when younger.

Focusing on your own moral compass as Sean as you influence little Daniel and the harsh realities of racism, angst and prejudice in 2018/19 America, ‘The Life Is Strange’ franchise have always been great at social commentary in a way where it isn’t too in your face but understandable enough to acknowledge and mull over it, long after the game is over. Something I very much appreciate, as I love a game with a social justice agenda.

Like I have said in my past reviews of the previous chapters, the graphics are still beautifully indie with the gorgeous Americana of tumbleweed-filled deserts and the open road being the main setting. The details in the episodes have always been their strong point, and there is nothing different here, with the areas always feeling lived in and bursting with emotion. The soundtrack is on point as usual and this time round littered with little tidbits of indie gems to set the pace.

Overall, as a collective episodic game, Life Is Strange 2 is a rollercoaster of ups and turns, twists and turns, and frankly kick ass music to complement the journey along the way. While, not as action packed as perhaps the first title, it is endearing, heartfelt and gripping due to it’s mild social commentary. This game is a must play if you are into graphic, point and click adventures, one that you can absorb the story like a good book.

For a comprehensive review feel free to read my thoughts on Episode 1 here:

The Good

  • Gripping, heartfelt tale
  • Simple gameplay, interactive with interesting dialogue options
  • Mild social commentary
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Perfect indie soundtracks
  • Multiple endings adding to replay value

The Bad

  • A little lacking in action compared to other episodes

Written by: StacefaceMayhem

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