Luna: The Shadow Dust

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Luna: The Shadow Dust – Review

Luna: The Shadow Dust developed by Lantern Studios is a hand animated, point and click, puzzle adventure. If you’re a fan of unique artistic animation or puzzle games you have found the perfect game to add to your collection. Every aspect of this game is beautifully animated and constructed to complement the story.

It is definitely the shining feature of the title. The graphical design elements presented to you, for those that may be turned away from point and click puzzle aspects, definitely need to experience this unique journey of storytelling. I am easily overwhelmed and blown away from its grand scale in its presentation and gameplay.

In the beginning of the game, as you are first thrusted into this delicate world of wonder and mystery, you must progress up a magical tower, room by room, solving puzzles in order to progress. With some puzzles being harder than others, you will need to unravel the mysteries of what lays ahead. Along the way, you will encounter a cute little companion to help you along your journey who will work with you in order to solve the various challenges that lay ahead.

Even in its first 5 mins, the animations alone just bought a next level of astonishment and style, with the same memorable effect that it had on me from all the way back when I first played other point and click animated gems like Monkey Island or Sam & Max, all those years ago. I was swept up in its atmosphere and detail. No dialogue is present in Luna but all the adventure is all presented via cinematics, along with your various interactions in this beautifully drawn world. I would have even just enjoyed seeing a fully animated movie with the studio Ghibli: Spirited Away vibe running thick and throughout in influence.

Another aspect that is mesmerising to Luna is not just the visuals, but also the music. It completely compliments the game so well, from soft violins and glittering chimes to melodic piano, you can really be swept away with its calming atmosphere. It really helps you think and soak in the game’s journey all with an original soundtrack. I did often find myself closing my eyes and just admiring the game’s soundtrack and admiring its soothing tunes.

Overall, Luna: The Shadow Dust is a must play for fans of point and click adventures and beautifully hand drawn animation, in general. I would highly recommend it after enjoying the game and also enjoyed getting the Deluxe bundle that comes with the games Digital Art Book and the Original game soundtrack as they both compliment the game so well. Even just fans of Hand drawn art alone will be fascinated with this title, the art book alone is a must see.

The Good

  • Visually fantastic
  • Artstyle and animation is amazing
  • Original soundtrack
Simon Hayward

Written by: Simon Hayward

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