Lunacy: Saint Rhodes

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Lunacy: Saint Rhodes (Steam) – Review

‘Lunacy: Saint Rhodes’ is a first-person, psychological horror game developed by Stormling Studios and published by iceberg interactive. Lunacy uses puzzles and maze-like areas in junction with jump scares and chases, that deliver a heart-pounding mystery that will make you question if the main character needs to be here instead of safe at home.

You play as George Rhodes, the inheritor of the Rhodes mansion, who has been contacted by an FBI agent about a connection between the mansion and a murder investigation. Agreeing to meet the agent at the manor, you quickly get the sense that this small town is very much a place that has seen some things. As you weave your way around this claustrophobic maze, you try to uncover the secrets of your family and a way to end the evil that has its claws firmly embedded in this town.

If nothing else the control and movement of the game is great. There were never any issues with button management or having to key bind anything. It’s all fairly straightforward and with some of the quick turns and maze running, while being chased by a creepy ghost and a bunch of Dr Manhattans it makes it a little less life-threatening.

The puzzles and the constant back and forth can be a little taxing as the answers to the puzzles are never clear or even the direction to where you need to go to find the answers.

Of course, once you do it can make you go “Duh of course” I was stuck on one puzzle for around twenty minutes, embarrassingly, before I figured it out. This would be the one issue I have because unlocking things is usually a catalyst to cause the scary parts of the game you can be left just running around in circles. Maybe having a hint system could be beneficial or at least some way of gain help when you are stuck on a puzzle.

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes does creepy well and even though scary movies and games don’t get to me I am not immune to jump scares and a few times it did have me almost looking away from the screen when it got intense.

None of the evil entities got me, however, and I was having more fun stunning them with my bedazzled goat skull than being scared of them. Though repetitive everything looked spooky and like a true horror playground.

With the cool mechanic of having to wipe your glasses when in the rain or moving through cobwebs lest your sight becomes blurred, adding to the fear. But the winner for creepiness for me was the ambient sounds in this game. Walking through a building and then hearing clear footsteps above you all of a sudden, makes for an absolutely heart-pounding experience, coupled with the creepy voices and the satanic radios; spectacularly horrifying.

While I don’t play too many horror games I did like this one, but being a little impatient getting stuck on some puzzles sort of ruined the emersions and pacing of the game. I felt like when there was urgency that’s when the game truly shines.

There are two endings to unlock which makes it replayable which is good as it can take seven to ten hours to get through it. Worth a look if you are a horror fan and at a reasonable price to boot I think give it a shot if you have the chance.

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The Good

  • Interesting story
  • Great visual
  • Simple enough gameplay
  • Breathtaking sound effects

The Bad

  • Never gives clear direction
  • Can get boring when the pacing is interrupted
  • Ghost sounds are scarier than the actual ghosts

Written by: Adam Brasher


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