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Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Deadpool DLC – Review

Much to the disappointment of Captain Marvel and Blade, everyone’s favourite sixteenth wall-breaking Merc with a Mouth is finally making an appearance in Marvels Midnight Suns, developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K, and when we first meet Deadpool, he’s up to his usual comic book antics.

Attempting to put an end to one of Hydra’s heists, Hunter infiltrates the museum alone, where they discover Sin, Red Skull’s daughter, and her Hydra minions searching through crates for a mystic statue. With their eyes on the prize, Hunter doesn’t notice the Hydra agent sneak up on them, but someone else does, and in his unique style, Deadpool makes his entrance and saves the day… Kind of… After a brief battle with the agents of Hydra, Sin makes her escape and leaves Hydra’s minions, and our heroes, to suffer at the hands of a new breed of Vampyres, and not your everyday vampire that Blade hunts, but a much more bloodthirsty and bestial kind.

Not only does this first DLC bring Deadpool into the fray, but it also introduces a second story, complete with new enemy types, new upgrades for the Abbey, and brand-new ability cards to explore. Deadpool even had interactions with other characters and opinions on the missions, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise given he was announced as the first DLC before Marvel’s Midnight Suns was released, but even his self-awareness somehow managed to catch me off-guard, which lead to a fantastic overall experience.

Deadpool’s abilities are primarily focused on building up En Fuego points, as many of his cards have bonuses depending on how many of these points you have accumulated, such as his Pain Piñata, which gains additional range to its area of effect, or his All Together Now allowing the player to draw an additional card. Based on the cards I’ve played with so far, he’s very much a supporting DPS character with a whole lot of health, and his Staying Alive passive abilities will help keep him in the fight just that little bit longer, allowing you to focus your healing characters elsewhere.

The secondary story is quite short in comparison to the main set of missions, but this is for a reason, and if you’ve been watching the development, you’ll know that they plan on bringing Morbius into the game at some stage, as well as two other heroes to join our ranks. Based on the total of four additional characters, we can almost expect to see this story transform over the next three DLC as they are released.

While the Deadpool DLC doesn’t seem to add much more to Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it does seem that it is being used to set us up for greater things to come, and let’s face it, having Deadpool along for the ride is a whole lot of fun. With his hilarious animations, fourth-wall-breaking antics, and snappy one-liners, he adds some twisted humour to a pretty dark story.

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The Good

  • Deadpool – ‘nuff said
  • A new story starts to unfold
  • Unique Abbey yard upgrades

The Bad

  • The additional story is quite short. For now…

Written by: Mathew Lindner


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