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Monster Hunter Rise (PC) – Review

Formerly only available on the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise finally makes its debut on PC! Fans of the series will be eager to chomp into this ‘fresh coat of paint’ version of Monster Hunter, which features brand new exclusive additions only available on PC!


Most of the gameplay from the Nintendo Switch remains the same, so anyone lucky enough to own both a Switch and a PC will have no trouble porting over to the PC version. That being said, one of a few downsides to the PC version is the fact that the cross-platform & cross-save features are currently not supported on PC. Therefore, if you choose to play on from the Switch with the PC edition, you will have to start from scratch.

One of the newest gameplay additions to the ‘Rise’ chapter of the Monster Hunter World series is that of a ‘Wirebug’. Swinging you up skyward a la shades of Just Cause’s grappling hook, the Wirebug serves almost as your go-to weapon for this game, as it can be used to dash away from incoming mobs, or shoot for the sky and come crashing down with some epic looking moves and strikes!

Wirebugs have their own upgrade system, greatly adding to their in-game use. A new ‘Silkbind’ attack allows you to either add some extra damage to your incoming attacks or provide greater propulsion. For example, Lance has a Silkbind Attack called Twin Vine that latches on to your targeted Monster. With your upgraded Wirebug locked in, you can launch yourself at your enemy from an even greater distance than normal!

Alongside the Wirebug, players will be delighted to know that hunters’ have now gained new cosmetic abilities! You can now quickly use the terrain and jump, kind of like parkour, over obstacles and scenery to continue your momentum. Wall-run compliments your new Matrix-like upgrades, giving the game a new, yet much needed, upgrade.

The team at Rise has listened to the players (very important in modern-day gaming) and has improved upon Monster Hunter series default mechanics, greatly improving its tracking and gathering methods. I cannot begin to tell you just how crucial and welcomed these updates are, for previous games really had you struggling and ‘grinding’ through, slowly.

Every MMORPG gaming series has seen the rise of pet companions, with various gamers collecting rare, unique, and timed-event-based pets to showcase and show off to the surrounding online player base. Monster Hunter is no different from this induction of pet companions, as they return for the ‘Rise’ chapter. The Palamute, a new induction via the ‘Rise’ series, serves as both an attack dog and a mount!


Monster Hunter Rise really suffered on the Nintendo Switch, having been forced into a 30fps lock. Thankfully, the PC version improves the game’s visuals 10 fold! In the new PC edition, players can now enjoy exclusive PC features, including screen filters, ultrawide display support, HD textures, 4k resolution, uncapped framerate & a variety of additional customization options.

On Steam, players also have the option of purchasing the ‘Deluxe Edition’, which includes the Kamurai armor set, Shuriken Collar armor piece, Fish Collar armor piece, 4 new jumping gestures, a new Samurai pose, Kabuki face paint, and Izuchi Tail hairstyle. Pre-order bonuses are also available. The Palamute Retriever Costume & Palico Forest Cat Costume layered armor sets, plus a Novice Talisman for extra assistance in the early stages of the game


Monster Hunter Rise on PC is the perfect version of the game, with the PC unlocking and improving the game to the point of ‘Is this the same game? This is amazing!’ type feels. Though Nintendo Switch does seem to get the DLC early, you’ll be too engaged with the fresh look and feel of this PC edition to even care!

If you are a fan of the Monster Hunter / Monster Hunter World series, you will enjoy the captivating new-release ‘Rise’ chapter on PC.

The Good

  • Exclusive PC features.
  • New, versatile movement abilities expand combat and exploration

The Bad

  • Lacks cross-save and cross-platform suppor
  • Nintendo Switch receiving Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion early

Written by: Brutaleo



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