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NBA 2K24 (Xbox Series X) – Review

Being a sports fan is always rewarding, as we get new sports titles or major updates each year and it just keeps you content. We have to decide if we are going to go through with the purchase, but we always do because these games keep improving year after year and becoming more and more realistic, and the developers have done a magical job on NBA 2K24.

Visual Concepts is a Califonia-based development team that works with 2K Games and releases some of the best sports games for the current generation consoles. Like previous years, NBA 2K24 follows the NBA and WNBA in both past and present, and like all 2K titles, it’s filled with content, and I don’t even think this review will touch the sides of what you can do.

Each year, we’re always guessing and placing bets on who is going to be on the cover, with NBA 2K23 featuring Micheal Jordan as he famously wore the 23 Jersey for the Chicago Bulls. This year’s cover is just as special, and being NBA 2K24 there is only one person that comes to mind – Kobe Bryant, who famously wore the 24 Jersey for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The first game mode in this year’s title we will cover is “Mamba Moments,” which recreates some of Kobe’s most dominant and captivating performances when he was in his prime and on his way to becoming one of the greatest of all time in the NBA. There are seven different playable moments through Kobe’s iconic two-decade career, and the developers did not leave out any details, from iconic layups to the flying through the air to get the dunk. They really embraced how great Kobe’s career was. You also get to see some other familiar Lakers faces, like Shaquille O’Neil.

NBA 2K24 has added a new feature called ProPLAY which is a new technology that brings more enhanced graphics, animations, and movements where it counts on the court. It is the most realistic NBA to date, using new animations and those from previous year’s titles to create the most authentic NBA experience. The new system has added a whole new feel to the game and made it feel like something you would see on TV, and I’m yet to see a glitch in the movements.

One of the first cards I pulled in MyTeam was Dennis Rodman, and it made me happy, which drew me further into the card-collecting game mode. There have been some new additions to MyTeam, with a salary cap mode, and a complete overhaul of the XP system, which I found to be addictive in the fact that I wanted to get my favorite NBA legends like Micheal Jordan, Magic Johnson, and in my case, Dennis Rodman. You are still able to purchase the card packs within the MyTeam mode, and you can use the currency you get from winning your basketball matches to purchase the cards.

MyNBA is back again and lets you experiment with the greatest eras of the NBA, letting you recreate history or forge your own. The LeBron Era has been added to this year’s title, so you can play as the King, with other well-known eras such as the Magic Vs. Bird Era, the Kobe Era, the Jordan Era, and the Modern ERA. I spent the most time on the Jordan era as he is the G.O.A.T in my eyes. They’ve also added MyNBA Lite, which is great for newcomers to the franchise thanks to its pick-up and play approach.

MyCareer felt a little different this year, as you start on an NBA team as opposed to the usual college team. You are the son of an NBA legend but you don’t want to follow in his footsteps – you want to create your own legacy. I chose the Boston Celtics as my first team, and like last year, you can decide what your favorite basketball player will say in interviews, which can make or break you on your way to becoming the G.O.A.T.

They’ve also introduced a new feature called “Key Games” which allows you to play the most important games based on rivals you have created and matchups, and I love how MyCareer is built into The City so you can flex your clothing style in Career.

You can choose RISE or ELITE, the two affiliations you can join in the all-new The City. The City is based on a beautiful beach-side environment with plenty to do and some absolute bangers dedicated to Kobe Bryant. Here, you can explore the City, visit shops, or do some career-mode missions to become the G.O.A.T. I spent most of the time at the courts, getting beaten nine times out of ten, but it was lots of fun trying to land those three-pointers.

If you’ve ever wanted to become a college standout or a proven international player on the road to your WNBA stardom, then “The W” is the game mode for you. There are some great rewards built into The W, and it helps to give women’s basketball some much-needed attention.

Every six weeks marks the start of a new season, and with the release of the game comes Season One, packed full of awesome content for you to explore, and if you’re skilled enough, you may find yourself immortalised in the Hall Of Fame.

The controls didn’t feel like much was changed from last year’s title, which is great for people returning to the series. You can remap the setup to play the game how you want, but I tend to leave the controls where they are as they seem to work awesome.

The movement felt responsive to the controls, and as soon as you flick the analog stick the character is moving, so there is no input delay. If you are joining the series, I would recommend keeping the default controls and using the rookie game mode so you can learn the basics of shooting, passing, and basic character movement.

Each year I mention how great the graphics are and how they can’t be improved, but the developers seem to make the game look better and better every year. The City looked amazing and had a strong coastal vibe to it, and player models are getting more and more realistic, with things like being able to see beads of sweat forming on characters the more time they spent on the court. I’m going to be surprised the day I see the graphics stop getting better as they already look so real.

The soundtracks in NBA games have always been awesome, and NBA 2K24 has a collection of songs hand-picked by developers. You can get anything from Lil’ Uzi Vert to Kevin Gates, and although it’s not necessarily music I choose to listen to, I could get down to i,t and it was fitting with the game. The voice acting annoyed me again this year, with my character sounding like he was a wannabe gangsta, which really took away from the character being my creation. It would be great if different talking styles were added to the game, but the rest of the voice acting was great, and the commentary team, like always, was on point.

NBA 2K24 has not disappointed, and like every year, I’m amazed by how much the game can be improved, even though I feel like it doesn’t need it. The soundtrack keeps you hyped in those three vs. three battles on the beach, and the realistic graphics are top-notch. As NBA fans, you can sink hours into this title without even blinking.

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The Good

  • Great Soundtrack
  • Kobe on the cover
  • Awesome gameplay and controls

The Bad

  • Being able to purchase career levels

Written by: Hayden Nelson


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