PJ Masks Power Heroes: Mighty Alliance

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PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance (Xbox Series X) – Review

Petoons Studio and Outright Games LTD. have teamed up to bring a great children’s show PJ Masks back to consoles again with PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance. You bring the gang together again and team up as Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, An Yu, Newton Star, Ice Cub, Lilyfay, and Bastet to form The Mighty Alliance.

There was a huge accident at the PJ Power HQ and it has scattered pieces of technology like mechanical cogs and reactors all over the world. It’s the PJ Masks’ job to go and retrieve all the items back to fix up the HQ, but little do they know there will be some speed bumps along the way with some familiar faces.

Being that this title is aimed at the younger gaming audience, it felt like the right time to bring in the professionals and I called on my little cousin to make something happen. Luckily for me, he was well-known to PJ Masks and was super keen to jump into the title.

The first thing I noticed was all the bright and vibrant colours on each map and also the PJ Masks costumes that seemed to keep him immersed in the title. I also noticed he thought he was some GOD Tier gamer as there didn’t seem to be a way in the title to die. So you could be struck by enemies or caught in traps as many times as you saw fit, but he played for a little while and gave me the seal of approval and said he liked the game so that was enough for me.

You could be exploring anywhere from the empty streets of The City where you begin your adventure, down to the cold caves of the Ice World, or maybe you prefer your inner Ninja in the Bamboo Forests. You have to adventure to all these locations to collect the diamonds and beat the bosses at the end to get the reactors and cogs back to repair the HQ.

You will come across people like Romeo, Luna Girl, and The Night Ninja to get your belongings back, and don’t stress as the boss fights are not hard and quite rewarding. I found the main storyline to be a little short and had it finished in about 4 hours, but I also needed to think back to the attention span of a kid and it’s probably the perfect amount of game for them. I loved how quickly the achievements came pouring in on this title, gotta hunt those achievements.

The controls were simplistic which being a children’s game you would hope there are not too many technical things going on. There was one thing I needed to explain to him which was in the boss fights, when you needed to press X and B simultaneously or flick the left analog stick up and down, but once he got the hang of that he was fine.

The controls whilst playing each mission were simple, you just pushed the joystick as it’s a side scroller you only ever needed to push the direction you wanted to go, and depending on what you needed to do you would press “X” to throw your superpower out to stun enemies or break boxes.

The only time it was not a sidescroller and the controls felt a little different was in the missions where you used the cars and were racing around. You never needed to push forwards or backwards and just control the lane a little like the mobile game Subway Surfers if I needed to describe it to anyone.

I mentioned before my little cousin loved the bright and vibrant colours added to this title and I’ll be honest I liked them too. You could have anything from the fluorescent green jump pads to the bright purple coloured diamonds you need to collect. Everything has its place and even the environmental aspects were dark which was a nice change to some of the titles I’ve done recently.

The game looked much like the TV Series. It had that 3D Cartoonish feel which translated well from the cutscenes which I was informed looked like the show down to the actual gameplay which looked great. The developers did an awesome job keeping you immersed in this title just with the art style and colours.

I enjoyed the sound aspect of this title, the cutscenes were a lot like the show with plenty of talking and how they were talking you could tell they were aiming for the younger generation of gamers. But it didn’t stop there, when you were in the missions depending on the location you would get a little different music in each area which would play lightly in the background as you were hunting for the diamonds and hidden loot.

Hearing them making the jumping grunt got a little repetitive but it was not something that got annoying, it was just something you heard lots from start to finish, and you get the occasional mini cutscene in the middle of the missions which were a good little mix.

If you are a young gamer or chasing a game to get your kids involved in PJ Masks Power Heroes Mighty Alliance is a great step in the right direction. This is something the kids can relate to with the simplistic gameplay and bright colours they will be immersed in for hours “fingers crossed”.

If you are an older gamer and just want something to smash some achievements out on or show your competitive side by collecting all the diamonds, masks and special presents, then this title is one you will want to collect.

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The Good

  • Simplistic gameplay for young gamers
  • Immersive storyline
  • Easy achievements for hunters

The Bad

  • Death penalty / Restart penalty
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Short storyline

Written by: Hayden Nelson


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