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Side Decide (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Published and developed by Australian studio, Blue Volcano, ‘Side Decide’ is a puzzle game where players roll around as children-like block toys to reach the goal. It was originally released on PC, in 2021, and is now available on Nintendo Switch.

At first glance, the game may look very simple and not much to it, but that quickly changes after playing it. The concept is simple, but it’s the puzzles that make things interesting. Players control a single cube-shaped block with two squares, two triangles, and two circles on its six sides. Each stage has a bunch of blocks laid out with those three different shapes, the starting point, the goal, and others with their own tricks.

Players must match the shape on the side of their own block and roll it onto the matching shape beside it. Certain blocks have their own unique conditions depending on the shape displayed such as the circle allowing players to rotate their block horizontally, the triangle needing to match the same direction as the player’s block, the star that can match any shape, and the swirly pattern that can teleport the block to a different location. The gameplay is incredibly simple and easy to learn, but the puzzles become increasingly difficult the more the players progress.

With 121 stages to complete, players will have hours upon hours of fun and relaxation trying to complete them. Adding to this, players can achieve up to three stars by using fewer moves. Trying to achieve three stars on all 121 stages offers plenty of replay value and keeps the mind sharp and relaxed.

The overall design also keeps things effortless with simplistic menus and helpful tutorials that keep it short, straight to the point and keeps the flow going. The graphics might look outdated by today’s standards, but is of course part of the game’s design and charm. The background is blank with a bright centre and a darker outside that helps bring the attention to puzzles, and the colour changes after each move.

The colour choices in the background really help create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. The game looks and plays just as good whether playing in docked or handheld. Unfortunately, when playing in handheld, there are no touchscreen controls that would’ve worked perfectly for this addictive puzzle game.

The music throughout the game has a very soft ambient feel that really adds to the relaxing experience this game is aiming for. With everything mentioned, it’s very clear that relaxation is a key part of the game’s design.

It’s the perfect game to unwind and calm the mind, but also keep it sharp. Even when the puzzles become more and more complicated, it somehow never gets frustrating or stressful and most importantly, never takes away from the calming and relaxing experience.

The term “simplicity is key” perfectly describes Side Decide. Everything from the gameplay, overall design, menus, helpful tutorials, and music is kept simple. While it may not be the most graphically impressive game out there, it really doesn’t need to be. What it aims to achieve, it achieves big with its challenging and addictive puzzles in a relaxing atmosphere.

Anyone looking for a way to just relax, unwind, keep the mind sharp, and just take a load off, Side Decide is the perfect game for exactly that, thanks to the folks at homegrown studio, Blue Volcano.

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The Good

  • Simple and addictive puzzle game
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Great way to relax and unwind
  • Keeps the mind sharp
  • Lots of replay value

The Bad

  • No touch screen controls when playing in handheld

Written by: Sammy Hanson


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