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Skorecery – Review

Skorecery is not a game where you can spend endless hours getting engrossed into an awesome story line with great cinematic enjoyment. Instead, this game has you duelling it out with your friends to see who is the greatest of all with this fast-paced game.

So, what to do first? Well I recommend the tutorial as it really shows you the patterns and how to move with ease and flow. It also gives you an understanding how to score and defend from your opponents. This is key as you want that winning edge over everybody else.

It doesn’t have an online multiplayer as it’s made for local play. This is great if you have mates over or even playing with the family on game night. It does have a huge enjoyment factor to it as you will soon find yourself hyper-focused and in to the game. It also can be that break you need from your main game you might be currently playing; you can just reset and have some fun again.

What really makes Skorecery stand out is how it plays, and by no means is it boring! The movement speeds and handling of the characters are very quick which seems to be the theme of the game. You have a limited time holding onto the ball, with your super abilities following suit with a short run time.

The way to score points in Skorecery is to hit all the runes that glow the same colour as your character. The runes pattern can also be modified to make it a little more of a challenge, so the game doesn’t become to repetitive.

You also have abilities in Skorecery. You can choose from 4 to start off with. I personally chose the speed boost as it gave you that edge to either pull further away or try catch up by getting to the ball first. The abilities do charge very slowly however, once you are fully charged it gives you a 2 round burst with it. It does have a little cooldown before you a use part 2 though.

The graphics are as expected for a 2D game however, GrappleHook Games have tried to add as much detail as they can to the ruins and characters. With all of that said, Skorecery does have a great foundation, but it could do with a touch more content if you want to play on your own, otherwise add in online multiplayer. This way, you don’t have to rely on having someone to play with to make it fun.

The Good

  • Great Party Game
  • Fast And Fun

The Bad

  • No Online Multiplayer
  • No Fun By Yourself

Written by: MKAU Gaming

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