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Street Power Football – Review

Step aside Messi! Ronaldinho? Who’s that?! Become the king of Street Power Football! Brought to us by developers SFL Interactive and Gamajun and Published by Maximum Games, Street Power Football is an epic take on football, bringing us the way the beautiful game is more creatively played, in the streets.

Street Power Football is all about the creative and wild side of street football. Travel to exotic locations all around the world and test your skills in 5 different single player game modes. Freestyle, Trick Shot, Panna, Street Power and Become King.

Starting with Freestyle, this requires you to pull off some outrageous stunts and trick combos to earn the highest score. Mastering the right key combos as well as your timing is a make or break affair in this concentration-fest mode. Trick shot is pretty straight forward, in theory, but much more challenging in practice; balancing power, direction and curve to hit targets all around the playground all while the clock ticks down for that added bit of spice. Panna is 1v1 in a small cage, where the aim is to either nutmeg your opponent or score a goal. For me, panna is the fastest and most intense of all the modes available as everything is up close to your opponent. Panna has always been something I’ve sucked at in real life so it’s nice to get a few wins under my belt one way or another.

Street Power hits you with that genuine play anywhere football, coupled with some unique superpowers and consumables. Each athlete has their own unstoppable superpower so putting a team together with the right mix is a must. Play 2v2 or 3v3, throw in some tricks to dupe your opponents and bury the ball in the back of the net! Picking the right moments to unleash your superpowers can bring you victory or have your licking your wounds in defeat.

Lastly, the game mode Become King combines all the game modes into one package with guidance through it all with handy tips by a world champion in the sport, Sean Garnier. Complete challenges, take down world class talents in the sport and master all the modes Street Power Football has to offer to become king.

The game controls are very straight forward in all these modes and don’t have you needing 6 hands to complete some of the coolest tricks there are in football. Movement is done simply with the left joystick and all the other buttons have their own sole purpose which for me is a big, big plus. You’ll find yourself ripping tricks and busting through the defence with relative ease once you get a decent handle on what does what.

Visually, the game is spectacular. The vibrant colours reflect exactly what the culture of street football is about. The cartoon like design of the athletes in game speaks to the individuality of it because it really isn’t like any other football game. Beautifully crafted playgrounds in all corners of the world truly bring the game to life. The movements of the players and A.I. do the style justice, flowing through the athletes to the ball.

The way you pull off superpower moves is just as outrageous as you’d hope for, embracing the spirit of the way the game can be played in the real world. The soundtrack put together for Street Power Football is nothing short of perfect. Rhythmic beats and straight up bangers fill the soundtrack and if it doesn’t have your feet moving in game it will definitely get you grooving in the chair.

In all, Street Power Football is an amazing take on the other side of the beautiful game. The gameplay is smooth and the design just draws you in for more. The diverse game modes allow for you to really settle in and do what you want when you want. The design of the playgrounds hits you in the face in a good way. The music gives you that groove and spark that comes from this type of football. The replay factor is high with you always getting better and knocking off your own top scores in all aspects of the game. I just wish I could pull some of these tricks and flicks off myself!

The Good

  • Smooth new gameplay
  • Playground design A+
  • Soundtrack fits the game perfectly
  • Multiple game modes to master
  • Shines a light on the other side of football

The Bad

  • Freestyle trick combos can be a little fickle
  • I love football so that’s all

Written by: SmuglinRaisins


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