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Transport Fever 2 – Review

Published by Good Shepherd Entertainment and developed by Urban Games, I present to you, Transport Fever 2. A transport simulator game; it is visually fantastic and dives deep into what transport truly was like from the 1850’s all the way to present day, developing an understanding of what had to be overcome to help towns become cities. This game spans across three different climate types too, all having a unique feel and challenge that can be achieved over land,air or sea.

First of all, Transport Fever 2 has no set story however a Campaign is playable and gives a nice tutorial for those who are new to the game. Included in the Campaign are interesting tales that comes across as nice and quirky tasks that explain what transport is needed for each situation and objective.

As stated, the Campaign is the best way to learn the ropes and mechanics, but do take some time to complete. Playing much like ‘Sims City’ you must manage your communities resources and money to develop a functional transportation line with routes and paths, link areas with depots and ports and meet the needs of your town. With many highly enjoyable scenarios, this is the best way to master the game controls and in no time you’ll be mastering a vast network of planes, trains and automobiles. The ability to start your very own transport empire, or even just playing a huge sandbox maps to your heart’s desire is there at a click of a mouse through the extensive but easy to navigate menus.

As well as a Campaign, this title also offers a Free Play function that really opens up the game, not to mention the modding factor with the Steam Workshop; giving support and the ability to really open the game up for unlimited possibilities and interesting content. Not to say that Transport Fever 2 has a lack of content, on the contrary, with its time period spanning over 170 years of real-world transportation technology and the historical knowledge to design and master your own transportation empire, you have the possibility and exposure of up to 200 vehicles at your disposal.

A few little details that really blew my mind was the ability to zoom right in with a cockpit function, seeing the world from a driver’s point of view, in a specific vehicle, as they travel your custom routes. Included are the finer details of all the vehicles, If your a history buff like myself, or even a fan of historical transport, you can spend ages just admiring all the defining and charming details of the visuals and appearance of each vehicle, and not even touch on what the rest of the game.

Overall, Transport Fever 2 brings a huge detailed world that you can enjoy and create till your heart’s content. Whether you are a history buff, lover of simulator games such as ‘Sim City’ or even just curious on how technology has evolved and shaped our society, Transport Fever 2 provides hours upon hours of enjoyment and wonder. I definitely choo, choo, choose it, as a top simulator experience.

The Good

  • Fun gameplay
  • Visually fantastic
  • Historically accurate

The Bad

  • Challenging to master if you jump straight in
Simon Hayward

Written by: Simon Hayward

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