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Two Point Campus – Review

Why go to university when you can run your own and make millions? Well, in Two Point Campus, you can do just that. Start from scratch and work your way up to being the number one campus around.

Developed by Two Point Studios, the creators of the hospital sim, Two Point Hospital, comes a new and fun adventure of you running your own university. Two Point Campus is jam-packed with new creative tools to help you build the university of your dreams. Go beyond, build on the outside and around your facilities with greenery and other attractions, and design your own delightfully educational campus environment.

Starting out with an excellent tutorial to get your first year started, which was easy to follow and really kicks things off, you start by building your first classroom and the necessary facilities to accommodate the new students and begin your year. The rooms you make have got a set size they need to be to allow enough room for the required equipment, but you can always make it bigger if you wish, or if you want to make sure you have room for upgrades further down the line to better educate your students, and luckily, if you decide you need another class of the same course, you can copy whole rooms which is a great feature.

Each class needs teachers, but you’ll also need to hire assistants and janitors to help run and keep your new university running. Keep in mind though, that these are people and they need rest, so hiring more is always a good idea if you can afford it, as each employee has a wage you have to pay. Everyone you hire has unique skills to better your campus and the students enrolled, so choose wisely, because some can make students happier and learn better, amongst multiple other stats to aid you on your adventure.

As you progress through the game your campus gets a higher rating which will then unlock more campuses to play on and courses to add to your universities. Getting this rating up seems simple enough. Completing goals, managing your classes, and keeping your students happy by responding to your emails and offering them what they want, like arcade machines, romantic places to take dates, dart boards, and a few more, will lead to higher grades and graduation rates. I decided to dedicate a whole building to entertainment for the students which worked out well for me. The game offers quite a few items to play with but I would have liked to see a few more as they do get a little repetitive after a while

The menus were easy to navigate after learning where things were, and there is an added guide when building new rooms that won’t let you finish until you have the required items and the correct size of the room. It’s great to make sure you have exactly what you need before finishing off your project. The ability to pause, slow and fast forward time helps when you need a little more time to build what you need, whether you want to make sure it’s perfect or just want the new plot of land to be cleared faster.

Two Point Campus has a fun art style to it, with quirky animations and unique-looking students. The game also offers extra stuff to add to your campus which you can get from preordering and purchasing DLC, but there’s already so much to play with, so don’t stress too much. With a lot of the items, you can actually change the colour and style to make your campus as unique as possible.

A funky and chill soundtrack makes this game very relaxing, and the added random announcements over the radio make it a little amusing along the way. You also get announcements over the P.A. systems much like normal schools, giving you a heads up of events that are happening or might happen, which is quite useful in making the campus a safe place.

All though this isn’t a game I would initially go and play, I did have a good time playing it and highly recommend it to people who love these types of games, even if you want to branch out and try something new. Two Point Campus has simple controls, a fun art style with unique students, and a chill soundtrack to relax to, all with a nice sense of progression.

The Good

  • Chill Soundtrack
  • Excellent Tutorial
  • Fun Art Style

The Bad

  • Could do with a few more items for more variety

Written by: MrVibeAU


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