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WRAP UP: UFC 275: Poirier vs. McGregor 2


Marina Rodriguez def. Amanda Ribas via TKO in Round 2:

  • Round 1: Ribas advances early, but Rodriguez circles around and away. Right hand from Ribas misses followed by a low kick. They tie up and Ribas connects with a takedown throw, but lands awkwardly, attempting to guard. More traditional full guards know. Ribas lands some short punches whilst in control.Rodriguez attempts to counter the guard, looming to gain control of the wrist. The bell sounds, ending Round 1. Judges score 10-9 in favour of Ribas.
  • Round 2: Ribas tries to continue her run from the previous round, but gets socked by a right hand from Rodriguez. Rodriguez continues to pound away and Referee Herb Dean steps in, seemingly stopping the fight. As Rodriguez celebrates, Herb Dean states the fight is not over! A quick lock up and Rodriguez connects with a vicious elbow, followed up with a right hand to have Herb Dean step in again, ending the match.

Makhmud Muradov def. Andrew Sanchez via TKO in Round 3:

  • Round 1: Low kick connects straight out of the gate for Muradov. Both split off, sizing each other up from range. Small jab exchange. Sanchez shoots, denied, eats a two-punch combo from Muradov. Sanchez counters with a right but eats one soon after. Both swing big in the centre. 3-2-head kick combo lands from Muradov. Both men exchange leg kicks, with Sanchez landing a 1-2 combo. Sanchez lands a counter right, Muradov returns with another leg kick. Muradov with a 1-2 downstairs. Sudden rush sees Muradov try for a blitz. Few backs and forth kicks and flurries from each man. Muradov tries a flying knee and again runs into a counter right hand. Buzzer sounds and it’s 10-9, Muradov advantage.
  • Round 2: Sanchez puts the pressure on Muradov, but Muradov counters the advance with a low kick, only to be met by a right cross. More pressure from Sanchez, who pushes the fight against the fence. Muradov defends, takes some knees to the thigh before separating. Cross counter & jab by Sanchez. Muradov returns with some huge swings, but eats a jab for his efforts.
    Counter right from Sanchez appears to buzz Muradov, who comes back with a jab. Muradov with a long right behind a left hand. Head kick from Muradov misses, return counter right strike from Sanchez. Few more attempted flurries before the buzzer sounds. 10-9, Muradov leads.
  • Round 3: Muradov fires out of the cage in Round 3, landing a right hand. Sanchez tries a combo but it runs wild. Muradov tries to break through Sanchez guard with some strikes, but they’re denied. Attempts and lands a body shot. Quick exchange in the centre. Combo from Muradov, followed up by a combo from Sanchez, but suddenly gets disorientated by a clean right hand from Muradov. Muradov pounces, launching into Sanchez with a flying knee, following up with some huge shots until the ref calls the match.

Joanne Calderwood def. Jessica Eye:

  • Round 1: Bad blood looks to be brewing as the two women square off in the octagon centre. Calderwood attempts a takedown, manages to land an elbow as Eye defends herself by taking Calderwood to the cage fence. As they break apart, Calderwood lands a combo followed by knees in the clinch. Eye defends herself by using the cage fence as leverage once again. Again, they break apart, as they deliver back and forth jabs to one another, matching each other move for move.As the round draws close with one minute to go, Eye lands a nice jab downstairs, but Calderwood returns with two body kicks then an elbow. Right hand, lead elbow. Buzzer sounds, ending the round, and it’s 10-9 in favour of Calderwood.
  • Round 2: Eye looks to start this round off, but gets pummelled by Calderwood’s defence. Solid punches by Calderwood, knee to the body. Teep to the face. Eye elbow, Calderwood knee. 1-2 from Calderwood. Both throw some huge punches, then Calderwood hits a knee but let’s Eye get back up. Clinch punches from Eye, eats a knee for her troubles, but returns with a right hand. Calderwood hits back with some more body kicks. Counter right by Calderwood, head kick attempt. Jab, right cross. Eye still pressing forward, getting picked apart at range. Eye right hand, Calderwood body kick. Calderwood with a spinning back kick attempt and a jab. Left hook. Elbow and body kick. Low kick, body kick, clinch exchange after abandoning a shot. One minute to go. Calderwood tries to spin, gets taken down. 10-9 Calderwood.
  • Round 3: Eye starts off strong once again this round, working Calderwood into a clinch on the cage fence. They trade knees and remain against the cage for close to 2 minutes. Ref steps in to separate them. Calderwood unloads knees, low kicks and a right cross.Huge successful combination from Calderwood. Two straight rights, short uppercut, body kick. Jab, hard knees. Eye fires back by landing a body kick inside. Body kick from Calderwood to return. She tries a back elbow, eats a right hand for her troubles. Calderwood tries to spin again, settles for knees and punches in the clinch. Eye lands a knee, eats more in return. Hard knee to the head opens a cut on Eye. Big elbow by Calderwood ends the round. Judges’ decision score 10-9, Calderwood winning.

Michael Chandler def. Dan Hooker via TKO in Round 1:

  • Round 1: Chandler comes out of the gate hot, putting the pressure on Hooker. Hooker circling back, sending out low kicks per Chandler’s advancements. Chandler tries a right to the body, but eats more low kicks from Hooker. Chandler with a right to the gut, then up top. Chandler looms in and completely floors Hooker with a monstrous combo! A follow-up barrage sends the ref rushing into action, stopping the fight in round one!

MAIN EVENT – Dustin Poirier def. Connor McGregor via TKO in Round 2:

  • Round 1: Nice jab combo from McGregor to kick off this exciting rematch. McGregor follows up with a straight left, but Poirier lands a hook followed by a low kick. Poirier tackles and scores a takedown. McGregor shuffles back to the fence. McGregor managed to make it back to standing base, switching control of the grapple. Both men trade shoulder strikes. Knees to the body from McGregor. Poirier switches up the guard, but McGregor reverses and sends both men back to delivering shoulder strikes. McGregor foot stomps.McGregor lands an elbow on the break, followed by a big combo. Poirier threatens a shot, but McGregor fires back with a right hook, winding Poirier. McGregor keeps the pressure by delivering another High-low combo. Right hook from Poirier, followed up by a low kick. The fight ends up back against the cage, with McGregor firing off a left hand, but is met by more low kicks from Poirier. McGregor straight left; wheel kick attempt blocked. Quick rangefinder jabs from Poirier, with McGregor firing off a straight left. Buzzer sounds and judges have scored the first round 10-9, in favour of McGregor.
  • Round 2: McGregor fires out aggressively, answers Poirier’s calf kicks with punches. Poirier sticks to his guns by delivering more calf kicks. Counter combo from McGregor stuns him. McGregor straight left, then follows up with a shot to the body. McGregor suffers yet another kick, but lands a straight left. McGregor lands a leg kick of his own. Poirier continues to target McGregor’s lead leg. Big combo from McGregor. Poirier with a low kick and right hook that bother McGregor, his leg showing signs of wear. Poirier backs up McGregor towards the fence and unloads a massive right hook, crumbling McGregor. A few more shots and it’s all over!

Written by: Brutaleo


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