Pokémon Violet – Review

It’s Christmas for Pokémon fans all over. This year we have had not one, but two Pokémon game releases. This is unheard of. Usually, one generation is released, and then in 1-3 years, a new one will come out, but not in 2022, baby! 10 months after Pokémon Legends Arceus


Evil West (Xbox Series X) – Review

Evil West, by Flying Wild Hog, the developer best known for the Shadow Warrior series, is a third-person brawler style game set in a 19th-century supernatural steampunk-inspired version of the United States which is under attack by a vampire threat known as the “Sanguisuge.” You play the role of Jesse


Miraculous: Rise Of The Sphinx – Review

Published by GameMill Entertainment and developed by Magic Pockets, Miraculous: Rise of the Sphinx is the latest video game adaptation based on the popular French animated children’s show, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. The show debuted in 2015 and has been going strong ever since, with more than


Somerville (Xbox Series X) – Review

Mystery. An air of mystery goes a long way for me in a game. There is something about diving into the unknown to solve mysteries with great consequences and winding trials. ‘Somerville’ developed by JumpShip, while dark and mysterious, answers none of my lingering questions at its conclusion. Without giving


Goat Simulator 3 – Review

Baa, baaa. BAAAAA!!! Oh, sorry, I forgot I’m not actually a goat. These simulators aren’t always the most realistic, but this one sure is a lot of fun and easy to get lost in for hours on end. Developed by Coffee Stain North, Goat Simulator 3, AKA the 2nd one…


McPixel 3 – Review

McPixel 3 is a pixelated puzzle solver game where the answers are never straightforward and most of the time ridiculous. Similar to its prequel, it’s equipped with a hundred timed stages, with microgames and a plethora of quirky gags and silly solutions. Developed by Mikołaj ‘Sos Sosowski’ Kamiński and produced


Pentiment (Xbox Series X) – Review

Pentiment is the upcoming title from Microsoft and Obsidian Entertainment and is a historical narrative adventure game. Players will find themselves engaged with the story and hooked on the characters they will meet as they play. Coming November 15th, It will be available through the Steam store, as well as


Sonic Frontiers – Review

Since 1991, everyone’s favourite hedgehog has been cruising around at the speed of sound across SEGA’s entire console history, all the way to modern consoles. Taking over for ‘Alex Kidd’, Sonic has been the face of SEGA and a pop culture icon for over 30 years. His early games made

RandoMine – Preview

The heroes of this story are about to be made Demigods! How else would you celebrate by having a massive night on the ales at the local tavern? Unfortunately, these soon-to-be Demigods drink the tavern out of all available liquor. A rumor goes around that the innkeeper has some super-secret


The Chant (Xbox Series X) – Review

First-time developers, Brass Token, are a small team with a big dream, and with publishers, Prime Matter and Plaion backing them, they have released their first title, The Chant. This third-person, horror-action-adventure game sets to test your mental fortitude when it comes to surviving on an isolated island when things


Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PC) – Review

Sackboy: A Big Adventure has finally arrived on PC! The port of the 2020 released PlayStation title comes with new graphical upgrades, the same great content, and additional in-game goodies. Sumo Digital’s spin-off based on Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet takes worlds from a 2.5D platformer to 3D, and many


Broken Pieces (Playstation 5) – Review

Broken Pieces follows the story of Elise, a woman trapped in a sort of Groundhog Day, however, everyone else has vanished, including her music-creating partner, Pierre. Elise, with her cassette player, trusty pistol, and magic storm stone, must venture out to uncover why this quaint French coastal town of Saint-Exil


Sigil Of The Magi – Review

Dungeons and Dragons meet roguelike deck builder with turn-based strategy combat, Sigil of the Magi, developed by Yongjustyong and published by The Iterative Collective, released into early access on October 21st, and it is available on the Steam storefront. Within the universe of Sigil of the Magi, there is a


Rock ‘N’ Roll Will Never Die! – Review

Rock ’n’ Roll will definitely never die. Maybe it’ll be a little forgotten or under-appreciated, but it will certainly never die nonetheless. Reminiscent of how today’s society might see the likes of Ozzie Osbourne or even Mick Jagger, the rebirth of Rock ‘n’ Roll might be upon us with the


Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova – Review

Inviting a younger audience into such a large franchise with a game is always good, and Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova is just that, so welcome to the Star Trek universe, little ones, but hey, that’s not to discourage older fans. You might just find something in this game for you


Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars – Review

‘Asterigos: Curse of the Stars’ is an action-adventure RPG, developed by Acme Gamestudio and published by tinyBuild. Taking inspiration from both Greek and Roman mythologies, from buildings, and creatures, to clothing and armor; instantly you can see these themes in everything. Now, I don’t know if this is what they


Gotham Knights – Review

I think it’s safe to say, and many would agree, that the Batman: Arkham series, by Rocksteady, set the bar pretty high with its storytelling and gameplay mechanics. So when Warner Bros announced Gotham Knights, developed by WB Games Montreal, I was pretty excited to see what they had in


Dragonball: The Breakers – Review

There are many generation-defining moments in pop culture, and a universal moment in history was seeing Goku turn Super Saiyan for the first time. The lead-up to this very moment was following the ultimate bad guy at the time, Frieza, as he terrorised the people of Namek. The fear that

Forest Grove (Steam) – Preview

Forest Grove, developed by Miga Games and published by Blowfish Studios, is a futuristic crime mystery investigation game, where you use advanced technology to recreate a scene and look for clues. Think Star Trek holodeck, which creates an entire multistorey house that you can walk through, interact with objects, and


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