Drive-Away Dolls (Movie) – Review

‘Drive-Away Dolls’ is an original comedy, crime film directed by Ethan Coen of the famous, award-winning ‘Coen Brothers’. This marks the first movie with Ethan as the sole director, who co-wrote the story with his wife, Tricia Cooke. It stars Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan with cameos by various celebrities


Migration (Movie) – Review

From the studio that brought us such classics as ‘Despicable Me’, ‘Minions’, ‘The Secret Life of Pets’, ‘Sing’ and ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’, Illumination is now gifting us ‘Migration’ this holiday season, telling the story about a family of ducks embarking on their first adventure. The film stars Kumail


Trolls Band Together (Movie) – Review

The Trolls film series is based on the popular Troll Doll toy line that began in 1959 by Danish woodworker, Thomas Dam. After DreamWorks acquired the intellectual property in 2013, the film series began with 2016’s Trolls, 2020’s Trolls World Tour, and now, Trolls Band Together, featuring an ensemble cast


Strays (Movie) – Review

Over the years, there have been many examples of “funny talking dog” films. “Strays” is certainly one of those examples, but is it a good one? Well, that depends on your sense of humour, because this is the first “talking animal” movie to receive an R rating in the history


Asteroid City (Movie) – Review

Every Wes Anderson film feels like that dream you have after you’ve eaten the leftover garlic gnocchi from three days ago; Far from a nightmare, but not quite all the way to “happy”, and there’s an area of imagination that is stained with coffee, dust and childhood heartbreak. We watch


Barbie (Movie) – Review

Since 1959, the Barbie brand has been the pioneer in dolls, doll fashion, accessories, playsets, and more. Created by the late Ruth Handler during her time as president for Mattel, she named the now famous doll after her daughter, Barbara, and later, the male doll after her son, Ken. For


Renfield – Review

The horror/comedy duo threat has seen plenty of films over the years to varying degrees of success. A personal favourite of mine was “Dracula: Dead and Loving It,” which made fun of the prince of darkness by disarming his menacing legacy. Enter 2023, and Renfield takes a bite at the


Book Club: The Next Chapter – Review

In 2018, four of Hollywood’s best gals made a lighthearted film about old friends that stayed connected through a book club with a splash of their own shenanigans. Several years on, Universal Pictures has brought them back to see what the next chapter can bring for the long-standing friends. As


The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Review

Everyone’s favourite plumber is jumping out of the pipes and onto the big screen. While the critically panned 1993 movie ‘Super Mario Bros.’ starring the late great Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo was the brothers’ first time on the silver screen, the 2023 adaptation of the legendary video game franchise


Champions – Review

Feel-good stories and sports often go hand in hand when it comes to filmmaking, and ‘Champions’ follows this formula with a comedic spin. Woody Harrelson stars as Marcus, a disgraced basketball coach that is going to need to sharpen his people skills to connect with his new team. Based on


Magic Mike’s Last Dance – Review

Channing Tatum returns to one of his most iconic roles as Mike Lane in the third installment of the Magic Mike films, Magic Mike’s Last Dance. With Steven Soderbergh back in the director’s chair from the original film, it also stars Salma Hayek, Ayub Khan Din, and plenty of dancers


Spoiler Alert – Review

Based on the critically acclaimed memoir book, Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, written by Michael Ausiello, Spoiler Alert is a biographical romantic-comedy-drama film adaptation, telling the real-life story of Michael Ausiello, and his partner, Kit Cowan. The film stars the multi-award-winning Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge, and was directed by


Mummies (2023) – Review

Mummies, the brand-new animated film from Warner Brothers, brings the afterlife back into modern-day London for a zany adventure. This family-friendly film launches right in time for the post-Christmas rush when the kids are looking for a day out of the house. Beginning our adventure in the depth of Egypt,


Puss in Boots: The Last Wish – Review

Ever since his debut in 2004’s ‘Shrek 2’, DreamWorks’ swashbuckling feline has been charming his way on the big screen, even getting his own self-titled spinoff solo film in 2011, plus various appearances in short films, theatre shows, and video games as part of the Shrek franchise, as well as


Bros – Review

The romantic comedy genre is ideally a safe, fun experience, and usually is a film that doesn’t have to rewrite the successful formula. Billy Eichner and Nicholas Stoller have teamed up to create their own spin on the formulaic model that both pokes fun at the idea of doing just


Mrs Harris Goes To Paris – Review

Lesley Manville stars as the title character of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, the latest adaptation based on the popular 1958 novel, Mrs. Arris Goes to Paris, written by Paul Gallico. Set in 1957, Ada Harris works hard as a cleaner in London for two different clients. Despite living a


Ticket to Paradise – Review

In terms of Hollywood royalty, being able to have Julia Roberts or George Clooney by themselves would be enough to pique your interest, let alone having both star together in the same film. Reuniting once again on the silver screen, this time is a romantic comedy, the two parents at


The Phantom Of The Open – Review

Walking into the cinema, I wasn’t sure what to expect from ‘The Phantom of the Open’ & I had never heard of Maurice Flitcroft either. The Phantom Of The Open is directed by Craig Roberts and scripted by Paddington 2 screenwriter Simon Farnaby, based on the book he co-wrote with


The Bad Guys – Review

The Bad Guys, a collection of kids’ books originally written by fellow Australian, Aaron Balbey, has broken into the big leagues with the brand-new feature film that shares the same name. This fully animated film is brought to us by Universal Studios and DreamWorks animation with first-time head director, Pierre


Marry Me – Review

Jennifer Lopez, has been an icon in Hollywood for as long as I can remember and has garnered success in both the music and movie industries. Her success in both categories made her a perfect candidate for Universal’s up and coming, romantic comedy, ‘Marry Me’, as a top-tier pop star


Belfast – Review

The Troubles. Such a simple description of events in Northern Ireland that shook the nation to its core. Kenneth Branagh, born In Belfast right before ‘The Troubles’ began, experienced life devolving into chaos in a once close-knit community from the innocent eyes of a child. As the writer and director


Sing 2 – Review

Have you sat down and really thought about how much better music is when an Anthropomorphic cast is involved? Well, thanks to Universal Studios and Illumination, we get to revisit the Sing Universe and follow Buster Moon and his rag-tag gang in the pursuit of stardom in Sing 2. Realised


Space Jam: A New Legacy – Review

In 1996, the odd pairing of Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes with basketball legend Michael Jordan in the movie titled ‘Space Jam’ was released in cinemas, and it became one of the biggest hits of the year. From the now NBA Hall of Famer trying to play basketball with


3 Out of 10: Season 2 – Review

The absurd humour of ‘3 out of 10’ is back again for a second season. From Developer and publisher Terrible Posture Games, the second season brings back the hilarious and unconventional group of video game developers at Shovelworks Studios. This interactive comedy sitcom, with its five highly entertaining episodes, brings


Tom & Jerry – Review

Since their humble beginnings back in 1940, Tom & Jerry from the classic Hanna Barbera cartoon has been causing chaos for over 80 years. Starting as animated shorts, before moving onto various cartoon series, video games, and movies (most of which were direct-to-video films), their latest venture takes place in


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