McPixel 3 – Review

McPixel 3 is a pixelated puzzle solver game where the answers are never straightforward and most of the time ridiculous. Similar to its prequel, it’s equipped with a hundred timed stages, with microgames and a plethora of quirky gags and silly solutions. Developed by Mikołaj ‘Sos Sosowski’ Kamiński and produced


Them’s Fightin’ Herds – Review

Them’s Fightin Herds, by Mane 6, Inc. is the biggest ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ game I have played all year, and I loved it. Masking itself as a cutesy animal adventure, and it somewhat is, this is, in fact, a fighting title that certainly brings the heat.

RandoMine – Preview

The heroes of this story are about to be made Demigods! How else would you celebrate by having a massive night on the ales at the local tavern? Unfortunately, these soon-to-be Demigods drink the tavern out of all available liquor. A rumor goes around that the innkeeper has some super-secret


Broken Pieces (Playstation 5) – Review

Broken Pieces follows the story of Elise, a woman trapped in a sort of Groundhog Day, however, everyone else has vanished, including her music-creating partner, Pierre. Elise, with her cassette player, trusty pistol, and magic storm stone, must venture out to uncover why this quaint French coastal town of Saint-Exil


Sigil Of The Magi – Review

Dungeons and Dragons meet roguelike deck builder with turn-based strategy combat, Sigil of the Magi, developed by Yongjustyong and published by The Iterative Collective, released into early access on October 21st, and it is available on the Steam storefront. Within the universe of Sigil of the Magi, there is a


Rock ‘N’ Roll Will Never Die! – Review

Rock ’n’ Roll will definitely never die. Maybe it’ll be a little forgotten or under-appreciated, but it will certainly never die nonetheless. Reminiscent of how today’s society might see the likes of Ozzie Osbourne or even Mick Jagger, the rebirth of Rock ‘n’ Roll might be upon us with the

Forest Grove (Steam) – Preview

Forest Grove, developed by Miga Games and published by Blowfish Studios, is a futuristic crime mystery investigation game, where you use advanced technology to recreate a scene and look for clues. Think Star Trek holodeck, which creates an entire multistorey house that you can walk through, interact with objects, and


Dropsy – Review

Dropsy is a demented but oddly endearing point-and-click adventure developed by A Jolly Corpse, and of course, published by the connoisseurs of weird, Devolver Digital. This seemingly twisted and grotesque game will take you on a journey of tragedy, loss, and love, and is the epitome of the statement “Don’t


Splatter Zombiecalypse Now – Review

‘Splatter Zombiecalypse Now’ is a retro-style, top-down shooter by Untold Tales and Dreamworlds. You play as an unnamed survivor, shooting your way through hordes of zombies in an apocalyptic wasteland in search of answers. In the oversaturated zombie genre, it was refreshing to see a less generic approach to the


The Fridge Is Red – Review

‘The Fridge is Red’ is a collection of six psychological horror episodes and is developed by 5Word Team and published by tinyBuild. We start the game by opening a red fridge, with what seems to be two containers. These two containers are the stories that we’re able to play. Both


Hypercharge: Unboxed – Review

I don’t care how old you are, YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO PLAY WITH ACTION FIGURES OR TOYS! Let me paint you a picture to aid in reminiscing on the old days. You’ve set up a massive battle between the green army men who have teamed up with transformers

Torn Away – Preview

Developed by perelesoq, ‘Torn Away’ is an interactive story set during World War 2, in 1944, and dedicated to all the children and civilians affected by the war. You play as Asya and she can not fight and does not want to, she just wants to go home. Combining the


Session: Skate Sim – Review

The wait is finally over. Session: Skate Sim has released its full version, with new features added, some removed, and DLC and future updates to come. Is this the game/sim you are looking for in your future virtual skate endeavors? Let’s find out. Developed by crea-ture Studios Inc., Session: Skate

Beacon Pines – Preview

Beacon Pines is a cute adventure game developed by Hiding Spot and published by Fellow Traveller, sitting under the ‘Visual Novel’ genre. We start the game by opening a book and that is where our story and the true journey begin, and we are introduced to Luka, a young lad


Broken Pieces – Review

Finally, there is another game to be excited about, unless you are a single genre player that’s not interested in puzzles, mysteries, and complex storytelling. For those who are, you have come to the right place. This new and very first game by Elseware Experience, a studio consisting of only


In Retrospect – Review

Are you ready to dive into your memories and tell us about your life in retrospect? Time to craft your own story and gameplay based on the decisions you make and the collectibles you collect. What direction will your life take? In Retrospect, developed by Paper Salamander Games, is definitely

Stick It To The Stickman – Preview

I remember a long time ago when I used to play stickman mini-games and watch a plethora of stickman animated videos with intense fighting and gunfights, and I always was fond of playing those games. Well, in Stick it to the Stickman, I found those intense and highly enjoyable memories


ANNO: Mutationem – Review

Published by Lightning Games and developed by ThinkingStars, ANNO: Mutationem is a cyberpunk-themed, action adventure RPG game that mixes 2D characters sprites with 3D environments. Already released on PlayStation 4|5 and PC earlier this year and receiving very positive feedback from players and critics, this action-packed, 2D side-scroller is now


The Ascent: Cyber Heist – Review

Stepping back into the Arcology after a year off made me realise how much I missed the bloody hellscape. Created by Neon Giant, this top-down twin-stick shooter was the standout Cyber Punk-inspired world in recent memory, and its heart-thumping action has been treated to its first expansion. The Cyber Heist

Sweet Transit – Preview

‘Sweet Transit’ by Ernestas Norvaisas and Team17, is a building simulator where the railway is king, and trains are the players’ only means of transportation. Available on STEAM, this title is described as ‘Quaint villages expanding into bustling cities, farms to industrious factories, steam-powered rail to combustion diesel and even

Session: Skate Sim – Preview

Skate games have always been something I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid and even tried to take up skating myself. Only getting the basics down like kickflips, 50-50 grinds, and sometimes pulling off varial flips, I decided to stick to the video game adaptations. I always find myself hanging


Arcade Paradise – Review

Arcade Paradise is a new simulator game created by Nosebleed Interactive and published by Wired Productions. Set in the 90s, players will take the role of a fresh out of college student putting a business degree to use, given the task of managing your father’s laundromat. You will need to


Ynglet (Xbox Series X) – Review

Nifflas (Nicklas Nygren), the creative mind behind such indie hits as Within a Deep Forest, NightSky, and Knytt, brings his latest unique puzzle game, Ynglet, now available on Xbox One and published by Triple Topping. Ynglet is certainly one of those games that can be described differently with each person’s


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