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Overwatch – New Dark Horse Comic, “New Blood” and Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge Out Now

Overwatch – New Dark Horse Comic, “New Blood” and Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge Out Now
It’s high noon! Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge is now live on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch! From now until 23 November AEDT/NZDT, players will be able to earn limited-time rewards including a player icon, sprays, and the new Sandstorm Cassidy epic skin for a total of nine new rewards. In addition, Blizzard Entertainment have teamed up with Dark Horse for a new comic series following everyone’s favourite wandering gunslinger as he seeks out heroes for Overwatch in Overwatch: New Blood. NEW COMIC SERIES FEATURING COLE CASSIDY – Overwatch: New Blood Explore the founding of a new crew in Issue #1 of the new five-part digital comic series, Overwatch: New Blood (now available here), published by Dark Horse Comics, written by acclaimed author Ray Fawkes, and illustrated by artist Irene Koh. Fans are about to witness the unveiling of an exciting journey featuring the hero Cole Cassidy, with more adventures yet to ...

Cross-Play Is Coming To Overwatch

Cross-Play Is Coming To Overwatch
Cross-Play Beta is coming to Overwatch, allowing players to group up and play together regardless of their preferred platform. Additionally, a global update merges friends lists from different territories into one, so players no longer need to switch regions in just to play with buddies on the other side of the planet.* For the release of cross-play, all players will need to do is make a account and link their appropriate console accounts. Everyone who follows the steps below and logs in to Overwatch by 31 Dec., 2021 will receive a Golden Loot Box to celebrate the launch of Cross-Play Beta. The Overwatch Cross-Play Beta officially launches soon on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Take a look at our dev. update video, check out our resources to learn how to link your account to your console account and get your questions answered about the feature here:

Overwatch – Summer Games 2020 Now Live

Overwatch – Summer Games 2020 Now Live
Let’s break it down for this year’s Overwatch Summer Games! In addition to the new rewards you’ll be able to earn, your favourite cosmetic unlocks from years past will be available from 5 August through 27 August AEST/NZST, giving you a chance to catch up on rewards you may have missed! NEW GAME MODE – LUCIOBALL REMIX This is a faster, more chaotic, multi-ball version of Lucioball. There are normally two balls in play throughout the match. If one gets scored, it respawns after a brief time. Bonus balls are periodically spawned and are worth three points. Players are not reset when a goal is scored. You keep playing. Mercy rule: Games end early if one team has a 10-point lead. Busan is getting new pillars and surfaces for more wall-riding opportunities. Sydney is getting a tonne of jump pad surfaces, and more wall-riding opportunities. UPDATES TO LUCIOBALL You can now crouch while midair to lunge down to the ground. Lucio’s ...

Overwatch – Echo and Competitive Open Queue Now Live

Overwatch – Echo and Competitive Open Queue Now Live
Double confirmed – Echo is now live on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch! Load additional skill modules and play Overwatch’s latest Damage hero. COMPETITIVE OPEN QUEUE In addition to the launch of Echo, we will be launching a new Competitive Mode, Competitive Open Queue in the Arcade. Competitive Open Queue will run for roughly four weeks. This mode will use standard Competitive Play rules, including hero pools and one hero limit, but will have no role restrictions or role queues. ECHO – ABILITIES Tri-Shot (Primary Fire) Echo fires three shots at once, in a triangle pattern. Sticky Bombs (Secondary Fire) Echo fires a volley of sticky bombs that detonate after a delay. Flight (Shift) Echo surges forward quickly, then can fly freely. Focusing Beam (E) Echo channels a beam for a few seconds, dealing very high damage to targets with less than half health. Duplicate (Ultimate) Echo duplicates a targeted enemy hero and gains use of their abilities Glide (Passive) Echo can glide ...

Overwatch Legendary Edition Arrives On Nintendo Switch On 16th October

Overwatch Legendary Edition Arrives On Nintendo Switch On 16th October
The world could always use more heroes—and starting 16 October AEDT/NZDT, Nintendo Switch™ players will be able to join more than 40 million players from around the globe in the fight for the future with the arrival of Overwatch® Legendary Edition. Overwatch Legendary Edition puts the definitive version of Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed team shooter in Nintendo Switch owners’ hands, complete with the latest content and gameplay updates. Players will select from a roster of 31 vibrant heroes as they face off in a variety of casual and competitive multiplayer modes and battle over map objectives in 28 different locations around the Earth (and on the Moon). In addition, Nintendo Switch gamers have the option to take control of their heroes in a whole new way, using the console’s built-in gyroscopic motion controls, which lets players tilt their console to line up the perfect shot as McCree, pilot D.Va through the air, or ...

International Overwatch League Superstars To Close Out The Melbourne Esports Open

International Overwatch League Superstars To Close Out The Melbourne Esports Open
ESL and TEG Live have today announced that Overwatch LeagueTM team, Washington Justice, will become the first team in the League to play an international exhibition match, joining the winners of OverwatchTM Contenders Australia 2019 Season 2 at the Melbourne Esports Open™ on 1 September. Six world-class Overwatch League players from Washington Justice, as well as coaching and team staff, will be travelling to Melbourne to participate in signing sessions, team meet and greets, and a special exhibition match. After the conclusion of the Overwatch Contenders Australia Grand Final on 1 September, players from the Washington Justice will join members of the winning team, forming two “All-Star” line-ups and participating in a thrilling five map mixed exhibition match. “The Justice is thrilled to have the opportunity to meet fans and play an exhibition match with the talented competitors in Australia. With the demands of our competitive schedule, it’s not often we get travel ...

TRAILER: Overwatch – Havana Map Now Live

TRAILER: Overwatch – Havana Map Now Live
Get ready to explore the heart of Cuba in Overwatch’s newest map, Havana. Discover the old colonial fortifications and fight through the colourful streets of this coastal city, now available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Havana is a new Escort map set in the region where one of the infamous members of Talon’s council, Maximilien, operated. For a time, this shadowy organisation plagued the local populace with its corruption and crime. Eventually, an Overwatch Strike team was deployed to extract Maximilien with the purpose of gaining intel on a mysterious Talon counterpart, Doomfist.

IEM Sydney and Melbourne Esports Open to host live finals for Overwatch Contenders Australia

IEM Sydney and Melbourne Esports Open to host live finals for Overwatch Contenders Australia
Esports fans in Sydney and Melbourne will soon be able to experience both action-packed finals of Overwatch Contenders Australia in 2019, live and in-person, at two of the regions’ biggest esports events. The Overwatch Contenders Australia 2019 Season 1 Finals will debut at Qudos Bank Arena at the 2019 Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) Sydney from 4-5 May, while the Season 2 Finals will return to the Melbourne Esports Open at Rod Laver Arena on Sunday, 1 Sept. 2019 Season 1 has been the closest season yet, with ORDER, Blank Esports and three-peat champions, the Sydney Drop Bears, each in with a chance to claim top spot. The competition has never been more fierce, and the stakes have never been higher – with this season’s ultimate champions claiming a chance to test their mettle against the best in the region at the Overwatch Pacific Showdown in China later in May, plus a share ...


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