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Brief Battles (Nintendo Switch) – Review

I was very fortunate to have reviewed this title on its initial release on Xbox, all the way back in May of last year, but now Aussie, indie darling ‘Brief Battles’ has finally hit the Nintendo Switch.

Gleefully getting my hands on this ported over version, I was excited to see how well it had transferred over as it was one platformer I thoroughly enjoyed.

Now, much of the game is the same so for my full comprehensive review follow this link:

Focusing on the Nintendo Switch version, I found nothing had changed except for a slight menu update, which had also been applied on my Xbox as well when I went to compare differences. This was a nice and functional inclusion. The part I liked the most though, is the fact that I can now play it in handheld mode meaning I can go anywhere with it.

While most games carry over from platform to platform, the portability of The Switch made it much easier for taking it to a friend’s house to really utilise that multiplayer/Co-Op aspect of the title. The fact I could play it while having lunch breaks out, made great time passing and a great way to get great value for your entertainment experience as well.

Controls and handling felt the same docked on the T.V which is fortunate as I always enjoyed the originals. Going from having it docked to in handheld mode flowed really well with it being just as easily played either way, depending on your preference.

Overall, a fabulous port that any Switch owner that loves a good indie platformer that is home grown.

The Good

  • Good time waster
  • Enjoyable combat and challenges

The Bad

  • Need friends
  • Dirty Undies
Dale Carter

Written by: Dale Carter

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