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Bright Memory: Infinite (Xbox Series X) – Review

A game developed by a single person will always sound impressive, whether or not the person in question is up to the task is the question, and that’s exactly what we are going to find out with Bright Memory: Infinite.

Developed by FYQD-Studio, Bright Memory: Infinite is a lightning-fast fusion of FPS and Action genres, with the combination of a wide variety of skills and abilities to unleash amazing combo attacks, and guns in your arsenal to take down what and who stands in your way.

The year is 2036. A strange phenomenon for which scientists can’t find any explanation has appeared in the skies around the world. The Supernatural Science Organization (SRO) has sent agents to many regions across the world to investigate and find out what is going on with these strange occurrences. It is soon discovered that this phenomenon is connected to an archaic mystery, an as-of-yet unknown history of two worlds about to come to light.

The combat in this game was so much fun and so hectic most of the time, hacking and slashing through enemies and gunning them down with a nice array of weapons and special ammo.

Combined with all the abilities you can unlock by finding skill points throughout the game can lead you to make some awesome and fluent combos, throwing enemies up in the air, slicing them up, then coming down with a hard-hitting ground attack is always satisfying, and with the smoothness of the games, 60 – 120fps depending on your settings made combat that much better, which my Xbox Series X ran nicely.

While combat was so satisfying and well done, the story however was very short and generic. You can definitely see the developer worked really hard on the gameplay and mechanics primarily. So for me, it was a quick and fun game to blitz through and just have fun betting up enemies and bosses, trying to get through higher difficulties, and luckily you can start your next run with all your skills and weapons.

Visually this game looks amazing, specifically the world, the special effects, and the characters, but at some points, the character animations seemed a little off. In the cutscenes, the main character’s movement seemed out of timing at some points, and the clothing and textures didn’t seem smooth. This might have been because there are multiple outfit options and they need to be rendered in, but I’m not entirely sure.

The sound design was pretty solid. Slashing enemies was satisfying and the guns had a great sound to them, followed by some mood-setting soundtracks in the background that made the game feel alive. The voice acting leaves a little something to be desired. In my opinion, it wasn’t the best and sounded a little cringy, but this leads back to the gameplay and mechanics feeling like the primary development point.

Bright Memory: Infinite was a load of fun, for its combat, amazing wold, and great graphics, however, the story wasn’t really that good and was very short. A great game to pick up if you want a short and quick experience to jump in and out of, but I would recommend waiting for a sale.

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The Good

  • Visually amazing
  • Fun Combat
  • Variety of Skills and weapons

The Bad

  • Short
  • Generic Story
  • Cutscene Animations are a little off

Written by: MrVibeAU


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