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Ghostrunner (Nintendo Switch) – Review

‘Ghostrunner,’ developed by the Polish team at One More Level, is an action-packed, parkour-like game that has our main protagonist, Jack, traversing this cyber world to unlock the mysteries of the enhanced supersoldiers known only as “the Ghostrunners.” OHHH! That’s you.

For a full synopsis of the plot, gameplay, and general feelings of this title, you can read our comprehensive review on Ghostrunner, also available on PC HERE.

Now released on the Nintendo Switch, I will give you a quick rundown of performance and any glaring changes.

Firstly, the most obvious change is the graphical quality. This is something expected at the Switch has nowhere near the graphical output power as an older console, let alone a P.C. or next-gen console. The ambient darkness is now tinged brighter, and the detail has been downscaled quite a lot. While it is not as visually crisp compared to other versions, it is still quite impressive how much detail is still there for how smoothly it runs. As usual, though, this cyberpunk dream is way prettier in handheld mode than stretched out of a T.V. screen where the imperfections show more.

Load times are instant, but cutscenes can be mildly jittery at the beginning, but once it seems to catch up, it smoothes right out again. This again comes down to how resource absorbing running this game is and the Switch trying to keep up even in its downscaled state.

The controls, however, are as smooth and as fluid as ever, and I particularly preferred to play this time in handheld, with the screen propped up with a handheld controller. The controls and playstyle of this fast-paced game are just mapped out better to a controller than the individual joy-cons, which can become quite cumbersome for how quickly you need to decide on an action to take in your course across the city.

Overall, Ghostrunner is still an amazing title.; gorgeous, fun but challenging, and action-packed, however anyone that is playing it for the first time, I recommend it on a different platform to appreciate it to its fullest potential.

The Good

  • Cyberpunk world
  • Intense gameplay
  • Cool customisation And abilities
  • Detailed world Environments
  • Kicking Music
  • Still gorgeous and detailed graphically despite downscale
  • Still instantly loads
  • Controls mapped out well to a pro-controller

The Bad

  • Sometimes a little too hardcore gameplay
  • Weaker plot
  • Slow uptake on cutscenes sometimes
  • Graphical downscale to other platforms

Written by: StacefaceMayhem


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