Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury – Review

Mario and friends are back with new worlds to explore and power-ups to use! Super Mario 3D World now including Bowser’s Fury, another adventure, supports four-player co-op local and online where players can take the role of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and even Rosalina who can be unlocked later in the game.

As Mario and the gang set off to save the Sprixie Kingdom from Bowser’s control, players are able to use a new power-up that will give you a cat suit, letting you claw and climb walls. It is a great new suit for players to use and you can also have a power-up stored by pressing up on the D-Pad to be able to swap between the current power up and the one you have stored. Each character also has a unique trait to their play style such as higher jumping and being able to do a mid-air float for distance

I like how over the years, the Mario games have advanced while still keeping some core parts like the level map layout, so after you finish a level it will unlock the next path for you to travel onto the next area while being able to visit optional locations for power-ups, slot machines or to Captain Toad to get some extra stars. Each level has three stars to collect and some will also have a hidden stamp to find. It will indicate if there is a stamp on the level before entering so replay is very much possible to attempt to get all the stars you may have missed the first time around.

The controls for Super Mario 3D World are very easy to learn and master, camera control is used heavily with the Captain Toad side missions which are controlled with the right stick.

The Worlds are a good size and while they are short missions the detail put into them is impressive. Even having the cat suit and just randomly climbing up a wall and either finding a shortcut or a hidden star/stamp is always a good treat. The environments players will come across can range from nice brightly lit grassy fields and cliffs to the dark-themed towers under Bowser’s control, the range and things to look at never ends in the Mario mythology.

The whimsical music for Mario games will always be iconic and there is no fault with it in Super Mario 3D World. From hype power star beats to spooky castle themes, they are still there and make me think back to when I first heard them and how much I still love the music.

Bowser’s Fury is the DLC for Super Mario 3D World and has Mario teaming up with an unlikely companion; Bowser Jr. This DLC can be played solo or in two-player. If you play in solo the A.I will fill the role of Bowser Jr. as you can select if you want him to help you and how often he will help. It is a handy feature as he can collect coins and attack at a longer range than Mario while also being able to uncover secrets you are near which can reward you with power-ups.

Like the power-up storage system in Super Mario 3D World, you are able to store multiple power-ups and use them at will. This felt like it was not really needed as I never felt they were far and between to come across.

The world for Bowser’s Fury is played more like Mario Galaxy where it is just one big map and there are portions that have the cat medals (instead of stars). The majority of the level is covered in a black slime which has made Bowser giant and more aggro than normal. As you find and collect medals you clean off lighthouses in the area expanding the world and giving you new missions to take on. The cat suit is again has a very heavy impact with Bowser’s Fury as you progress. You can clean off the Giga Bell which will turn Mario into a giant Cat Mario to fight Bowser.

Bowser’s Fury is quite short as only 50 medals are needed to finish the story but there is great replay-ability to unlock all the medals (100) for a bonus. I do wish there were more levels to the DLC as the world had a lot of water which could’ve had a bit more space for more terrain to adventure on.

The controls for Bowser’s Fury are the same as in Super Mario 3D World so there is not much difference control-wise, but audio and soundtrack wise there are some slight differences. When players hear a heavy wind building up that means Giga Bowser is about to attack as he does lay dormant while you explore and can randomly show up to start attacking. The music for when Bowser is up and about is very ominous and suits how dark the world gets as flames fall from the sky in furious succession.

Overall, This bundle is great for first-time players or returning fans of this timeless series. I look forward to playing it in co-op with friends and family in the future but it is top-notch quality even as a lone ranger the way classic Mario’s were always played.

The Good

  • Co-op Supported
  • Classic but innovative with the new suit
  • Easy controls
  • Great sound and music
  • Power-ups are always fun

The Bad

  • Could’ve had more levels in Bowser’s Fury

Written by: Shane Walsh


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