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Zombie Army 4: Dead War (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is out now on the Nintendo Switch. Created by Rebellion Developments, Zombie Army 4: Dead War places the players in control of an elite sniper during, and just after, the events of World War 2. On his death, Hitler was trapped in Hell for eternity, but after dabbling in the occult, he has learned the secrets of returning the dead as mindless zombies.

Swarms of the undead now plague the land and will stop at nothing to end all human life. Fight alone or up to a team of four online for some epic marksmanship and fantastic bullet-cam shots. Players will be able to pick from a shortlist of characters that are expanded with the DLC available. If you are a Left 4 Dead fan, be sure to check out the free DLC bundle that includes the survivors from L4D 1 and 2 as playable characters.

In addition to picking a character, you will be able to arm yourself from the arsenal of rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, and pistols. Each weapon can be upgraded to deal elemental damage, and even more, can be added with DLC.

The gameplay for Zombie Army 4: Dead War, when compared to past installments, has added more focus to objectives in the levels instead of just getting to the safe room and surviving a wave attack. The campaign has come across with more of a story arc and gives small details to what is happening in the levels you are playing in. You will play in the third person unless looking through the scope of your rifle, find plenty of items you can interact with on each level, and several special items you can collect along your way.

Each mission will have several objectives to complete before you can find your safe house and progress to the next chapter. Things get even more exciting when players team up because the game will adjust the number of zombies present and drop a few extra special encounters along the way.

Other than the campaign mode, players can test their skills in horde mode. Players battle it out against waves of increasing numbers of zombies, and the further you progress, the harder it will be as the harder to kill variants make an appearance. Ammo crates, new weapons, and items to use will appear as you complete each wave, so be sure to collect them as fast as you can. You only have a short time before the next wave is shambling towards you.

The gameplay felt smooth in single-player, but when I went online with more than two players the lag started to really affect the game, with bullet delays and glitchy movements from the other players. Co-op is still a whole lot of fun to play if you can put up with this, but it’s the same missions regardless, so lone wolf it as much as you want.

One thing Rebellion does well across all of their games is the level designs, and this is another perfect example. As you travel across the wartorn European locations, the occult references are heavily present. If you keep your eyes out, you may be able to find some sneaky easter eggs, from typewriters that will print out references from classic horror movies to evil dolls that haunt the player, leaning towards a very Annabelle-like appearance. There are also collectables to find and shoot, like comic books and zombie hands that dance around.

Zombie Army 4: Dead Army is a great and well-crafted game. Managing ammunition and timing shots to get the amazing bullet cams is always rewarding. With an enjoyable story and horde maps, there are hours of fun to be had, and with the DLC, you can expand the story and bring more weapons out to fight the waves of the undead.

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The Good

  • Fun gameplay
  • Multiple Horde mode maps
  • Solid range of weapons and customisation options
  • Great story
  • Rewarding bullet cams
  • Creepy level designs

The Bad

  • Online gets a bit buggy with more than 2 players

Written by: Shane Walsh


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