BMX Gravel (Steam) – Review

Imaginings Software is on the scene with its first PC release, ‘BMX Gravel’. BMW Gravel is a side-scrolling, psychics-based, obstacle course game where you need to ride your BMX bike through 5 stages and make sure you don’t run out of lives stacking it or you will be starting from


The Boys In The Boat (Movie) – Review

At the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, the American rowing team competed in the gold medal race. They were made up of junior athletes from the University of Washington, coached by Al Ulbrickson Sr., who made the controversial decision to select them over more experienced teams to represent the United


Dungeon Golf (Steam) – Review

I tend to picture golf in the great outdoors, poised with a club in hand, ready to take the shot out on the green. Alas, I find myself in a dungeon, as an undead influencer named Jimmy Fibula wielding my very own leg, ready to tee off. This isn’t just

EA SPORTS UFC 5 (Hands-Off) – Preview

EA Sports is back with its fifth installment into the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) series and MKAU was recently invited to an exclusive virtual preview event for the new game, and needless to say, UFC fans are in for an absolute treat. UFC 5 has been completely rebuilt to take


RIDE 5 (Xbox Series X) – Review

The team at Milestone S.R.L are back again for their fifth installment of the Ride series with RIDE 5. The last title was released back in October 2020, and it’s come a long way since 2015 when RIDE was first released. This is the biggest title to date, with 270


VanillaBeast: Retro Knock-Out! (PC) – Review

VanillaBeast: Retro Knock-Out! is a parody adult-themed boxing game that follows the boxing career of Vanilla as he fights his way up to champion status against a ton of parody names, cross-boxing pop-culture, and actual boxers with cameo appearances from horror movies and TV shows. The story starts with Vanilla


AEW: Fight Forever – Review

All Elite Wrestling finally has its foot in the door and is bringing its franchise to the gaming world, and you can play as your favorite male or female superstar. Osaka-based developers, YUKE’s Co, Ltd., and THQ Nordic, with help from All Elite Wrestling, have brought us this arcade-feeling wrestling


SkateBIRD (Playstation 5) – Review

Published and developed by indy studio Glass Bottom Games, ‘SkateBIRD’ is a skateboarding simulation game similar to the Tony Hawk series, except with players taking control of a literal bird riding a skateboard the size of a Tech Deck instead of a pro skater. The game’s plot tells the story


MotoGP 23 (Xbox Series X|S) – Review

Milestone is back for another year with their latest installment of MotoGP 23, and this year’s title did not disappoint – It’s jam-packed with content. MotoGP 23 includes all the riders from the 2023 season, including the MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, and MotoE categories of the championships, which takes the rideable



Electronic Arts are back again with the latest installment to the PGA series that dates back to 1997 with their first title, PGA Tour Pro, and this year is the first year since 1998 that PGA has not had an athlete’s name involved in the title. This year, EA SPORTS


WWE 2K23 (Xbox Series X) – Review

Visual Concepts and 2K Studios are back for another year of World Wrestling Entertainment, more commonly known as WWE 2K23, and this year is no joke. It’s action-packed with content and the developers have not held back to make this the best title to date. ‘Hustle’, ‘Loyalty’, and ‘Respect’ are


Champions – Review

Feel-good stories and sports often go hand in hand when it comes to filmmaking, and ‘Champions’ follows this formula with a comedic spin. Woody Harrelson stars as Marcus, a disgraced basketball coach that is going to need to sharpen his people skills to connect with his new team. Based on


Creed III – Review

Michael B. Jordan has been nothing short of a phenomenon in his acting career and has done the seemingly insurmountable job of taking over where the Rocky Balboa stories have left off. This time though, he will be responsible for what happens in front and behind the camera as he

Tape To Tape – Preview

Excellent Rectangle Inc. is bringing the ice back to our PCs in 2023 with their newest title, Tape to Tape, a roguelike ice hockey game where you need to make sure you make all the correct decisions to earn the G.O.A.T. title. With your beginner hockey team, you are given


NHL 23 – Review

EA has brought us another year of hockey, with NHL 23 being the latest installment of the series and another of their yearly releases. There have been some notable changes in this year’s title, with EA utilising the power of the current generation of consoles and moving to the Frostbite


Session: Skate Sim – Review

The wait is finally over. Session: Skate Sim has released its full version, with new features added, some removed, and DLC and future updates to come. Is this the game/sim you are looking for in your future virtual skate endeavors? Let’s find out. Developed by crea-ture Studios Inc., Session: Skate


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