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3 Out of 10, EP 5: “The Rig Is Up!” / Season Wrap Up – Review

We are back again with the final installment of the game “3 out of 10” with Episode 5 named ‘The Rig is Up’. This season finale concludes the mis-adventures of the world’s worst video game studio, Shovelworks. Our band of weird but likeable video game developers are at it again with their wonderful and bizarre antics.

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Starting off the episode and the continuation of the series’s weirdness, one of the development team members at Shovelworks Studios, Pylon, mysteriously comes to the realisation that he has awoken without a face.With the help of his team of co-workers, they must resolve this absurdly and medically abnormal event.

As this episode is the last in the season, it seemed to increase the weirdness and unconventional world that 3 out of 10 has created for itself but still left me wanting more when the episode ended. With an obvious cliffhanger at the end and a small message stating ‘we’ll be seeing them in 2021’ we have a lot to look forward too. The lack of narrative compared to the previous episode only increased my intense longing for more, with it mainly feeling like a filler episode than a real season finale. The mini games during the episode still held up strong, with the pinball one certainly being my favorite.
Overall, to wrap up the first season of ‘3 out of 10’, I do have to say I thoroughly enjoyed these kooky characters and the world that they live in. All the small inside jokes at the video game industry and even at their own expense were humorous and even slightly admirable to see a pack of misfits just not care how society sees them.

Throughout the series, while their wasn’t a lot of actual gameplay, being a sitcom and all, the fun mini games made the experience even more worthwhile. They could have easily have just made an animated short about the world of Shovelworks Studios but without the mini games it wouldn’t have felt right and that unique approach mixed in is what made ‘3 out of 10’ an enjoyable experience.

With beautifully animated scenes and the same quirky music aesthetic to match throughout the episodes, even if the finale fell a little short. Despite this, Terrible Posture Games has delivered a cracker of a narrative driven game that you definitely can sit with your popcorn and let the dumpster fire unfold in front of you. Let the good times roll.

The Good

  • Absurd Humour
  • Interesting narrative
  • Animations
  • Voice acting
  • Simple controls and mini games
  • Enjoyable characters
  • Nice flow of the narrative to min games
  • As a whole the season was a great social commentary on the video game industry
  • Solid series

The Bad

  • Season Finale
  • Episode seemed lacking for a season finale
Simon Hayward

Written by: Simon Hayward


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