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Damsel (Playstation 4) – Review

Screwtape Studios has now released Damsel on the PS4, This is just going to be touching on how the PS4 version played as my co-worker Simon and Matthew have already done full reviews so be sure to check that out for the overall read up on the game on Xbox or PC below:

Xbox One: https://www.mkaugaming.com/all-review-list/damsel-review-xbox-one/
PC: https://www.mkaugaming.com/all-review-list/damsel-review/

Damsel is a side-scrolling arcade shooter and the first thing any player will notice is the art style and look of the game. Damsel lands this with a comic book style punch as the storytelling is broken up into comic panels over cutscenes, which I personally prefer with small games like this.

Game mode wise nothing has changed here still a fun experience across all platforms, the level designs are small and did feel like there were not many unique designs but it was still an enjoyable time spent as I kept trying to break my old record times of completion.

The controls for Damsel are very easy to pick up and master; double jumping and wall jumping can be done with ease and it made landing those combos hassle-free.

Simon praised the soundtrack and I am right there with him. The soundtrack kept me hooked and wanting to just play one more about 20 times over. As mentioned in the Xbox coverage by Matthew the lack of Damsel having a voice did make it feel a bit unconnected to the character but it is not a big negative as the game is great for constantly playing and coming back for a good time.

Final thoughts for Damsel? The art style is for every age bracket, the simple controls make for new players or younger gamers to have a good welcoming to the game. The level design and how fast missions can be done definitely makes for a lot of playthroughs as we all love the feeling of accomplishment and Damsel definitely has that driving force to hold that feeling.

The Good

  • Easy, exciting game play
  • Plenty of replay value
  • Great Art style

The Bad

  • Feels like it is missing an opportunity with an unvoiced hero
  • Maps feel very similar/small

Written by: Shane Walsh


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