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Ghostrunner (Xbox Series X) – Review

‘Ghostrunner,’ developed by the Polish team at One More Level, is an action-packed, parkour-like game that has our main protagonist, Jack, traversing this cyber world, parkour-style, to unlock the mysteries of the enhanced supersoldiers known only as “The Ghostrunners.” OHHH! That’s you.

For a full synopsis of the plot, gameplay, and general feelings of this title, you can read our comprehensive review on Ghostrunner, also available on PC, and Nintendo Switch below:

Now released on the Xbox, I will give you a quick rundown of performance and any glaring changes.

Firstly, the most obvious change is the graphical quality. Begin upgraded for Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 means polished and tuned graphics and performance. Running at 4K and 120 FPS, the game is just as gorgeous as the first time I played it but this time round has a gloss shimmer that you can’t ignore. Fluorescent lights pop with the inclusion of dynamic ray tracing, every minute detail in the environment is crystal clear and every pore is visible of character models during cutscenes. Speaking of cutscenes, they are disgustingly stunning, telling a great tale in the most visually pleasing way.

The 3D audio has all those minute sounds and bullet fire echoing around in your headset with such depth and clarity it made me wonder why more games don’t have it. The music is just another highlight of the game with the beat of the synthy music driving you forward in your quest with a sort of urgency.

Performance-wise, I don’t feel much difference, it all still runs as smooth as butter which you really need in this parkour style of game as one false move means death. The load times however are instant, another perk of the power of the Xbox Series X. It also reminded me of how cool the jump-in/ jump-out feature is as I could jump right back into the game without loading anything up.

Also added are the Kill Run and Wave modes. Kill Run gives you limited time to complete the level. You will need to kill an abundance of enemies or collect pick-ups to extend the timer. If you finish the level with enough time spare you will be rewarded with a medal. a pretty simple time challenge, but rewarding enough to add that little extra spring in your step to push you towards the end.

Wave mode drops you down into an arena to fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Between each round, you can tip the balance by picking up upgrades. Surviving all 20 rounds (which I did not lol) will earn you a reward in the form of a new sword and glove set. Good luck with that endeavor, hopefully, you do better than I did.

Overall, Ghostrunner is still an amazing title; gorgeous, fun but challenging, and action-packed, and perfect at highlighting the power and true potential of the Xbox Series X. Anyone that is playing it for the first time, I recommend sliding into this title, katana blazing. Never has a cyberpunk ninja been so cool.

The Good

  • Cyberpunk world
  • Intense gameplay
  • Cool customisation and abilities
  • Detailed world Environments
  • Kicking Music
  • Instantly loads
  • 4K and 120FPS
  • Insane graphics and performance upgrades for next gen
  • 3D audio adds so much to the experience
  • Ray tracing lighting
  • New modes
  • Gorgeous cut scenes

The Bad

  • Sometimes a little too hardcore gameplay
  • Weaker plot

Written by: StacefaceMayhem


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