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My Friend Pedro (Playstation 4) – Review

It’s that time again. My Friend Pedro, the run and gun platform game by Devolver Digital, has finally arrived on the Playstation 4. As we have already covered this title on other consoles, I won’t go into greater detail, so if you would like a more in-depth review of the game, check out StacefaceMayhem’s review for the Nintendo Switch here, or if you’re looking for the Xbox version click here. With that out of the way, let’s discuss this interesting game.

My friend Pedro is not a game that I would usually go for; there is no real story behind this, which I think lets it down for me. Action on the other hand is delivered in plenty, with a small array of weapons you charge through the levels killing and blowing up everything along the way. This game reminds me of the old platform shooters we used to play on the computers at school when we were meant to be learning about programming.

While the visuals of this game far exceed those from years gone, My Friend Pedro was still a huge downgrade from a lot of the games currently available. The controls are easy enough to master, though can be a little glitchy, as an example when I was trying to ride the skateboard, I kept getting stuck on a lip of the stage and took more time than I wanted to spend to do a simple jump.

Though the weapons list is limited, one aspect that I thoroughly enjoyed was the improvised weapons such as kicking knives into enemies or rolling barrels on top of them. This added a nice change to the mind-numbing run and gun. The levels constantly change after each boss fight, but once you get passed the first few levels the rest of the chapter starts to look the same. I must say though, during the bike level, the use of real footage from a moving vehicle was a nice touch.

My Friend Pedro, while not really my kind of game, does offers a lot for fans of platform shooters, and is certainly worth a look in any case.

The Good

  • Fast paced action, with enjoyable mechanics
  • Simple controls
  • Colourful, simple art style

The Bad

  • Glitchy at times
  • No real character development or story
Adam Brasher

Written by: Adam Brasher

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