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Postal Redux – Review

Developed by Running with Scissors, Postal Redux is an isometric shoot ‘em up and is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Postal first released back in 1997, and over the years the game has had source codes released to expand how you can play it. In the year 2000, a Japanese version titled Super Postal was released that featured two unique levels that took place in Tokyo and Osaka. They did not officially release elsewhere, but did circulate within the community. Postal Redux is a remake of the first installment in the Postal franchise and it includes the expansions, as well as features, new level designs, remastered voice acting and sound effects, plus additional content that is unique for the Redux, giving players a total of 23 levels to enjoy.

Players are put in the shoes of Dude with the objective of just going postal and killing everyone. With a load out of guns and ammo, the chaos will be spread across a wide range of levels, and as you progress the levels tend to get harder with the introduction of new enemy types. Postal Redux offers a fun and easy getaway as there is not much difficulty to the game, making for an easy pick up and play game that can be played for lengthy periods.

The controls are somewhat awkward for the Switch, most notably for me I found that simply aiming was a chore. Some other controls were more forgiving, such as switching weapons or throwing grenades. I also found the ducking mechanic to be almost useless, with the game playing from an overhead perspective making it quite difficult determine what cover will actually work.

Visually, Postal Redux is much the same with somewhat updated graphics, and aside from the birds eye camera view, there are not many unique details. Character models for the most part are very much cut and paste, but this is quickly forgotten when you set someone on fire or watch a grenade explode. Even though there is a distinct lack of in game music, Postal Redux features very impressive soundtrack. The chaos generated by your gun shots, grenades exploding, and the screams of innocent people caught in your unbridled rage is your orchestra, so much so that the updated and new one liners will also generally go without notice.

As part of a franchise that has been banned in various countries due to extremely violent themes, Postal Redux may not be the game for everyone, but with the following it has developed over the years, it’s about time we received an update. It’s a fresh new look for a well-loved game, one that will have existing fans jumping at the chance to play again, and new players experiencing the thrill of unadulterated violence.

The Good

  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Wide range of weapons
  • Lots of community content

The Bad

  • Could use music during missions
  • Aiming controls felt off

Written by: Shane Walsh


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