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DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part One (Nintendo Switch) – Review

DOOM Eternal by id Software and Panic Button Games has been on the Nintendo Switch now for around 6 months so it makes sense they would aptly deliver their DLC to the platform too. ‘DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods’, a two-part season, brings that added content and pulls you back into the action-packed feet of the Demonslayer, and to what is already an absolute corker of a title.

For a comprehensive dive into both DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch and the readily available DLC on other platforms, click the links below:

As I stated before, DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods is split into two parts, with the first part now available on Nintendo Switch. This can be purchased singularly or with both parts in the expansion season-like pass on offer. The series kicks off right after the base game, fortunately with your full arsenal of guns and deadly moves at your disposal. Phew.

Without giving too much away or repeating my colleague, this time around offers up a new location and new objectives with the same fast-paced, run and gun/chainsaw action and platforming. The Ancient Gods is a completely new story and a stand-alone campaign that is just as polished and exciting as DOOM Eternal. When DOOM slaps, it slaps hard.

So, how does it go on the Nintendo Switch though? Honestly, the controls are exactly the same as the base game I reviewed. The controls still transfer well to the Switch but you can’t help but need a controller in your hand so I still opted for playing most of it on the pro controller and only diverted for comparison purposes.

The action still feels slightly slowed down on the Nintendo Switch but due to all the new tasks, challenges, and areas, this time it was barely noticeable. Performance-wise it runs really well; no frame drops surprisingly despite at times a frightfully overwhelming amount of demons on screen.

The music is the crazy, high-octane thrashers that are fit to fuel any demon murdering spree. Using new composers, David Levy and Andrew Hulshult, this dynamic duo has delivered new backing tracks that would make any DOOM fan squeal as they tear through enemies. The music has always been a highlight of these games and they certainly didn’t let the audience down. It’s a shame it is paired with just gaudy graphics.

As I stated in my base DOOM Eternal review for Nintendo Switch, if you are coming for a graphically immersive, eye-gasm of an experience, then the Nintendo Switch should not be your first choice. Now, of course, you wouldn’t expect much from the power of the Switch, but it is still quite washed out and visually downgraded docked and in handheld, from its console counterparts. A real shame as it’s such a good-looking game under the lower resolution.

DOOM definitely goes against Nintendo’s squeaky clean persona and I live for it. They have actively cultivated a large collection of their titles, fostering a love from their communities and gamers alike. If you are a fan of the series, playing DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods is a must, it’s just hard to recommend on the Switch as the first option.

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The Good

  • Cool new story
  • Kickass continuation of soundtracks
  • Same fast paced combat and gameplay
  • Well mapped controls
  • Steady frames
  • Weapons and skills cross over

The Bad

  • Graphically downgraded
  • Slower control responses
  • All- round better versions on other consoles/PC

Written by: Stacey


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