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UNITED 1944 (Steam) – Preview

The Spanish development team, Norarama, is back with another title, but unlike their others, UNITED 1944 is based on WWII, and it combines weapon crafting, base building, and team strategy. As it stands, there are currently two playable game modes; Domination and Survival. Domination is a 16 vs 16 urban


Mines And Magic (Steam) – Review

Mines and Magic is a tower defence auto-battler with a resource economy-focused game style. It was developed and produced by Zolden Games and initially released in 2018, but before that, it was a game mode in Starcraft II. Apparently. I never played it. Mines and Magic is currently in early


Apocalypse Run! (Steam) – Review

Apocalypse Run!, now in early access on Steam, is a new rogue-like strategy game created by Neurowocky Games. Players will be able to make a party of four characters who are held on a layover at the Atlanta airport. As they leave, they find the world in an apocalyptic state


Blood West (Steam) – Review

Back in August this year, I was fortunate enough to be able to cover the early access release of Blood West, developed and published by Hyperstrange. Before we dive in, you can check out my Early Access review HERE. Let’s recap before we dive into what you can expect from


Forgive Me Father 2 (Steam) – Review

After recently playing through Forgive Me Father, I was more than excited to dig into Forgive Me Father 2. As a prequel to Byte Barrel’s Forgive Me Father, published by Fulqrum Publishing, it brings new elements to the table, further expanding on the first iteration in many ways, and keeping


Vampire Hunters (PC) – Review

Vampire Hunters, created by Gamecraft Studios, is a first-person shooter that takes aim at the legion of the undead with the funny concept of “more guns are better,” and we would all have experienced the hassle of swapping weapons to find your gun of choice at some stage in an


Gunsmith Simulator – Review

The development team, GameHunters, and Publisher, PlayWay, have teamed up to bring all the gun-loving maniacs a game where we can repair, rebuild, and shoot our favorite firearms. Anyone into firearms will see some popular brands like Colt, Remington, and Winchester, to name a few. An email from your grandfather


Forever Skies (Early Access) – Review

Forever Skies is a first-person, post-apocalyptic survival game set in a future Earth no longer habitable by humans, forcing people to leave the planet or live atop skyscrapers to conduct research. Forever Skies was developed and produced by Far From Home, a Polish game studio newly established in 2020, and


Death From Above (Early Access) – Review

Developed by Rockodile, ‘Death From Above’ is an arcade-style, drone sim set during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Your objective is to take control of your drone and give back the freedom and safety of the Ukrainian people. You are tasked with taking down military personnel and their operations using


Soul Survivors – Review

‘Soul Survivors’ by Stingbot Games, while looking like a clone of popular roguelite ‘Vampire Survivors’ is actually uniquely designed and just as addictive. In early access, this review will cover what is present at the time. Currently, Soul Survivors has no real narrative. With access to only 2 of the


Voidtrain – Review

Voidtrain is a new survival crafting game from HyperTrain Digital, and it’s due for release on the 10th of May 2023 on PC. Players can take on the Void World, either solo or with friends in the 4-player co-op experience, taking on the role of engineers that have been thrown

HYPERVIOLENT (Early Access) – Preview

HYPERVIOLENT is an amazing throwback to 90s gaming, and this brutal action-packed FPS brings back the old-school sprite-based character models that were used in heavy hitter classics like Doom and Duke Nukem. It is created by indie company Terminst Arcade and is published by Fulqrum Publishing. HYPERVIOLENT will have the


Supplice – Review

This is the throwback to the ’90s when all we wanted were those fast-paced, action-packed, first-person shooters, we all learned to love. ‘Supplice’ is the perfect mixture of fast-paced action and colourful environments and those beautiful retro-style graphics which we all loved in titles like ‘Quake’ and ‘Doom’. The developers


Aura Of Worlds – Review

Developed by Cognitive Forge, ‘Aura of Worlds’ is a creative tactic rogue-lite platformer. Set out and explore the multiple worlds where you must utilize your creative abilities to twist adversity to your advantage. Fight through the challenging, ever-changing death labyrinths using your wits and reflexes. Aura of Worlds is indeed

Street Fighter 6 (Closed BETA Test) – Preview

The legendary series that has helped define a genre since 1987, the Street Fighter series has always remained one of the premier fighting games at arcades around the world, home consoles, and Esports tournaments, even branching out into various other media including comics, cartoons, movies, action figures and more. The


Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 – Review

It’s time to grab your tackle box and cruise to the bait shop before heading out to fish all day on Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2. Developed by MasterCode and Silent Bear Studio, and published by Ultimate Games, this ultimate simulator of fishing is available across all devices and has just

Sweet Transit – Preview

‘Sweet Transit’ by Ernestas Norvaisas and Team17, is a building simulator where the railway is king, and trains are the players’ only means of transportation. Available on STEAM, this title is described as ‘Quaint villages expanding into bustling cities, farms to industrious factories, steam-powered rail to combustion diesel and even

Session: Skate Sim – Preview

Skate games have always been something I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid and even tried to take up skating myself. Only getting the basics down like kickflips, 50-50 grinds, and sometimes pulling off varial flips, I decided to stick to the video game adaptations. I always find myself hanging


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